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    Got a call from a restricted number today

    haha holy shi* man... :) very nicely done
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    Feeling a bit guilty...

    "Let's not all turn into the morality police." :up: Agreed. Bro, it was a **** move on your part... But what's done is done. You can't change that. I think if you value her, or the relationship at all I think you'll keep this one under wraps. Sounds like this was the first time you've...
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    female roommates & PUAing

    I lived with a broad for about a year... At which time I was single and slayin it with other girls, and she had a bf.. It was awesome, we'd get drunk and end up fuc*ing few times a month. Super casual. She could give a shi* who I brought home, but when other girls found out I had a pretty...
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    Great article and advice on squats, and form...

    copy that... Next time I squat, I may try varying grips. Reason I ask, is I have always kept it very narrow, which puts alot of strain on my wrists. I have tendonitis in both wrists so it can be very uncomfortable.
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    Great article and advice on squats, and form...

    http://www.trainingdimensions.net/tdArticles/The%2010%20Best%20Ways%20to%20Dramatically%20Increase%20Your%20Squat.pdf I do have one question, in regards to grip locations on the bar. I've been taught to try to keep my hands as close together as possible to keep the back tight. (as mentioned...
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    Captain hook

    I read an article about this in men's health awhile ago... You could have what is called Peyronie's disease. Which essentially is plaque and calcium buildup within the shaft of the penis, causing it to curve during erection.. It can be related to natural causes or be as serious as a type of...
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    How to slowly break up a relationship?

    Scheming to sabotage a relationship just seems petty to me...
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    How Do You Stay Motivated? How Can I?

    He just means to shoot for a long-term goal within particular lifts that you can shoot for. As Fuglydude said, if you're functionally strong and able to put up these numbers you're going to see results. A lot of people have a tough time staying on track, with the mindset of "I want to look...
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    Bent Over Row Form Check (video)

    What makes it a Pendlay? The De-loading of weight??
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    Bent Over Row Form Check (video)

    Sweet, thanks again. And I workout at home, so chalk wouldn't be a problem. I will look into it, thanks
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    Bent Over Row Form Check (video)

    Thanks Colossus, I appreciate the advice. One technique I have noticed among other people is deadlifting the weight, and then bending over to the appropriate position. I may give that a shot, and will also work on not "de-loading" the weight between reps. And what about grip? Over hand or...
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    Bent Over Row Form Check (video)

    Once again, just need some critique on form. Personally, I noticed: -some slight rounding of lower back -a bit of a "hip drive" towards the end of my set Any advice would be appreciated. **I'm sure I'll catch shi* about the hat... *******s.. haha ;) Vid...
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    Squat Form Check (Video)

    Thanks for the advice guys...
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    Squat Form Check (Video)

    Awesome, thanks guys. I can definately see an exaggerated lean on the later reps. I will try to work on that. I will take it to bb.com, and probably rip's forum as well. Anyone else?
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    Squat Form Check (Video)

    Just need some insight on my form. I've been on Rip's routine for about a month now. This is my first set of of 3, 175x5. Sorry about the unnecessary footage, and the loudness of the music. No editing software. :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63mdY0LIZLk
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    So I've been thinking about the M-word a bit lately. Maybe it's because the girl that's been my best friend for 5 years, and gf for the last year just left me high and dry about a week ago, was almost certain she was my wife to be. Or perhaps it's because I've gotten 2 wedding invites from...
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    Lost In Lust--(A MUST READ!)

    Wow, what a read. Entertaining as hell, and painfully true. Unfortunately brought up memories of myself making the same damn mistakes. I think we can all take something from this.
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    GF and I broke up for a week, and GF kissed a another guy..

    I don't agree with it, but we were done... We weren't planning on getting back together. Technically she's wasn't in the wrong. Personally, I respect her honesty regardless for her motifs to tell me.
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    GF and I broke up for a week, and GF kissed a another guy..

    When we started talking again, the first thing she said was "I did a bad thing"... She described it as a "handsy make out session"... Basically some a hole took her out for drinks, and they ended up at his place, blah blah. She told me straight up, and was completely honest with everything...
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    The Hangover

    You guys seen this yet?? Holy shi* this movie was funny... Certainly the funniest comedy I think I've seen in a long time.