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    The dreaded kid - anyone with experience?

    You don't need advice -- you already know what to do. All you're looking for here is some reassurance that you're doing (or going to do) the right thing. More importantly, you're looking for reassurance that if you do what you doing (or going to do), that you won't lose her (or at least, the...
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    Why not start as friends and go from there?

    I disagree with the theme running through the responses to the original poster that it's bad to start off as friends. Whether or not it is bad all depends on who does the categorizing as "friends." As DJ_Dork put it, chemistry is a necessity to taking something beyond the friend stage...
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    The School Bully Scenario and Getting Guys Kicked Out of Clubs

    One solution I've used is to make friends with the bouncers when the three dudes who are harassing you are not around. If you go to that particular club often enough, the bartenders, waitresses and bouncers (the best person to know would be the manager) will know you pretty well (or should if...
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    She hasn't called back yet....call her again?

    Does she have your number? -- YES Does she know you called? -- YES ANSWER: Wait for her to call you back while you focus on other women. If she wants you, she'll call. If she doesn't, she won't. It's that simple. Don't make it any more complicated than it is.
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    Whats the best way to achieve a 'dont give a fvck' attitude?

    A good way to achieve the state of mind you're seeking is to put yourself first. That is to say, do what you want, when you want. While there are certain ethical and legal rules you should obey in your daily life, the self-imposed conformity of society appears to be affecting your thought...
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    The Horrible Lies of SeducingWomen101.com

    People pontificate for different reasons, but the primary purpose is to attract a following for a particular point of view. This thread, as well as many others, reminded me of Rule 27 of the 48 Laws of Power, which states: In reading this and other seduction sites (including SW101), people...
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    She wants to know more about me before we meet

    Why tell her anything more than is on your profile? The more you tell her, the less mystery there is, and the more opportunity she has to pre-judge you before you even get a chance to meet her. Remember, you're not the one who has to "qualify" -- she does. So in response to her question...
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    Compartmentalize your feelings

    I don't usually bump my own threads, but for you younger guys, this is an important tip to remember. When I was in high school, I made the mistake of investing all of my emotional energy in a particular girl, leaving me vulnerable when she decided to move on to a "bigger, better deal" (BBD)...
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    Compartmentalize your feelings

    I posted this on another board, but felt it was appropriate to repost it here: In relationships, it is extremely tempting for men to be completely open and honest with women. This is a mistake. From the very beginning of a relationship, a man must compartmentalize a small part of himself so...
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    The DJ "RULES"

    Player Supreme, Your post was egotistical, but it echoes one of the greatest philosophers of power who ever lived, Niccolo Machiavelli, who wrote (translated): Concerning Cruelty and Clemency, and Whether it is Better to be Loved than Feared Upon this a question arises: whether it be...
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    The DJ "RULES"

    Most people don't trust themselves implicitly, which is perhaps due to some degree of insecurity in their own abilities to make decisions. For many years I sought out and accepted the guidance of people because I didn't trust my own analysis of the situation. In other words, I was constantly...
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    Idea for older DJ's

    My god, the irony of Eileen's actions. Eileen, you should read something written by your hero, Stephen Jay Gould entitled "Impeaching a Self-Appointed Judge," Scientific American, 267(1), July 1992. http://www.stephenjaygould.org/ctrl/gould_darwin-on-trial.html I particularly enjoyed the...
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    Idea for older DJ's

    As we say in the legal profession, you may think the judge is an idiot, but he is still the judge. Thus, while I may disagree with a particular legal decision (or question its origins/logic), it is still the law, or is at least is persuasive authority for other judges to follow. Although in...
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    Idea for older DJ's

    Eileen, I'm confident that you recognize that peer-reviewed journals and noted experts put their work on the Internet to acquire a larger audience for their writings. Based on your logic, I would assume that if Gould and and Wilson's works (perhaps even Darwin's On the Origin of Species)...
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    Idea for older DJ's

    Benefits of a classical education. No, I'm not studying to become a barrister -- I am one. As for being obtuse, again, that's your opinion. If you read some of my other posts, you'll find that I can be quite engaging and "entertaining." However, I'm not here to entertain you, so it's a moot...
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    Idea for older DJ's

    I really enjoy it when someone tries to speculate as to my motivations. You asked for research, and I gave it to you. You weren't satisfied with the research, which was performed by two experts in the fields of evolutionary biology/psychology. Yet rather than provide counter-evidence, you...
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    Idea for older DJ's

    gentleman123, I have no quarrel with you, nor did I hijack your thread. You can thank Eileen for that (I simply responded to Eileen’s request for scientific evidence). As for UT-Panamerican, here’s a link to some of the statistics concerning it...
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    Idea for older DJ's

    Alright Eileen, you didn't like Dr. Miller's paper or the studies on which he relies. Here's another one for you: http://images.main.uab.edu/psychology/humatepref.ppt And another one (by Russell Eisenman, Ph.D. -- University of Texas-Pan American)...
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    Idea for older DJ's

    Actually, he's pretty accurate. Here's a link to a rather interesting paper on evolutionary biology by Dr. Geoffrey Miller of the University of New Mexico entitled " Review of Sexual Selection and Human Evolution: How Mate Choice shaped Human Nature"...
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    You're Wasting Time

    An old friend of mine once asked me what I was doing. I told him in a tone of voice that was mostly sarcastic, indicating that it should be pretty obvious. He asked the question again. I started getting annoyed, and was deciding whether to ignore him or tell him to bugger off and stop...