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    Considering doing law....need some advice

    I'm going to start law school in a year. I've taken the LSAT twice (bombed first time, did real well the second). While I haven't really entered the legal world yet, I can give you some advice on how to prepare for the test and school. I fvcked up bad on the LSAT - got a 151 - when I took it...
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    "Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill"

    So many conspiracies, so little time. :nervous:
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    Lebron James and Stephen Strasburg are MORONS

    I'm sure LeBron and his girlfriend have some sort of deal in place where he can mess around on her. That's often the arrangement in high-profile relationships like LeBron's and it would explain why they aren't married. Regardless, I'm willing to bet LeBron just knocked that girl up on accident...
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    PUA lit depresses me: Girls only reward evil?

    This is a bunch of dumb hyperbole. If you're going to a club or meeting girls at a meat market bar, it's probably best to take this approach. I'd say about 90 percent of the 20-something chicks there are just looking for the baddest MFer in the joint who looks like he has the most money, most...
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    does anyone know some websites where i can get info about media ethics???

    What are you trying to research? Lexis Nexis is a good tool for doing research for classes like that. You can search virtually every document, news article, academic paper, etc. that has ever been published. You need a subscription though. Your school probably has one. Google Scholar is...
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    Ben Roethlisberger STILL being accused of rape

    OFWHAP is right. Roethlisberger deserves all the negative press he's getting and probably even deserved some sort of criminal repercussion. Not only is this guy probably guilty of some sort of sexual assault, he is a huge idiot. He's been previously accused of rape and has a past record of...
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    PUA lit depresses me: Girls only reward evil?

    Just embrace girls with humor, confidence and a bit of a carefree attitude and none of this crap will matter. Being good looking will help you too. Your point about women inherently and instinctively being attracted to evil and alpha-ness is somewhat moot. While there is some truth to it...
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    Millionaire Matchmaker

    Just ignore backbreaker, man. Like the television shows that you want to like, and don't worry that they're a clever ploy to suck you into "The Matrix". Although I admit, I laughed out loud when backbreaker insinuated he is a millionaire. Isn't he the same guy who told us a while back that he...
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    Hurt Locker wins best picture

    Why is it that, when someone makes something that is great, people can't wait to log onto the Internet and find ways to disparage it? :crackup: "The Matrix" has me because I liked The Hurt Locker? Thanks for reminding me why I don't post on this message board anymore. Did you notice that...
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    I think people in europe are smarter than they are in america

    You ever see the movie Idiocracy? The problem in America is that the biggest morons have a tendency to breed the most. The gene pool here has become over saturated by idiots, and the media does their best to pander to them: the vast majority.
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    Are we crazy?

    No, crazy isn't the correct term. Have you ever heard the saying, "too far in the forest to see the trees"? That's a better way to describe the affliction this message board suffers from. I've been browsing these boards for years, shifting from being a lurker to a steady contributor. Problems...
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    Thinking about taking an improv class

    Yeah, I am in the same boat as you guys kind of. I get told I am pretty funny by a lot of people, but for some reason, it never comes out when I am speaking in front of large crowds. I talked to the guy who was teaching the class and he told me that it is because I am trying to be funny, as...
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    Thinking about taking an improv class

    There's a comedy shop in the area that I live that is fairly popular and has some semi-famous performers come through. They offer improv courses for people without any experience in comedy, and I've been thinking about taking one for a while now. I have some interest in comedy, but I'd be...
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    This is retarded ... why am I chasing girls?

    This is not true. I am a fairly good looking dude, and women do not actively chase me. A lot of them show signs of interest that I have to act upon, and many who are in my social circle are into me, but it's a far stretch to say that women all over are chasing me. In fact, if you get into the...
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    So the BPD wants to move in with me and is trying to manipulate me into letting her.

    The only way that you are going to see if no contact really works is if you genuinely move on. You can't just quit talking to a girl who you've been with in hopes that she'll crawl back to you. The point of no contact is to leave the girl, set off for greener pastures and better your life...
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    So the BPD wants to move in with me and is trying to manipulate me into letting her.

    This is an awful idea. What are you thinking? This woman is crazy. If you have such killer game like you said a few posts back, why not just meet some other women? And I hope no one gets suckered into coming on here and explaining to you how no contact actually works. Little do they know...
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    So the BPD wants to move in with me and is trying to manipulate me into letting her.

    Nice MNIN, congrats on leaving the BPD. Now it's time to find out if No Contact Really Works. :rolleyes:
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    Maybe Trent is on to something....

    It's ironic that you keep writing this because you are the one on this thread who sounds like he is about 20 years old. :p The answer to all this is, yes, personality does help you hold onto women, provided we're talking about a personality that is funny, charming, witty and confident. There...
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    Maybe Trent is on to something....

    Wow, something must have really struck a chord with you STR8UP - you wasted one of your final precious posts on me. Are you still playing your attention ***** game, where you're threatening to walk out on SoSuave once you reach the 7,000th mark? That's definitely a landmark, although I'm not...
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    Maybe Trent is on to something....

    Blah, blah, blah... would you like a medal? Because, from that post, it sounds like all you're looking for is recognition from a bunch of forum dudes. Even though you say you're not going to be around anymore (which I doubt - I'm sure you've hit refresh on this page for the last 12 hours...