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    Fake Phone Number?

    actually its preety childish for a chick to give me the wrong number, i rather have you telling me straight up no than giving me a fake digit
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    She Done MEssed Up Im Going Sosuave.Net On Her

    :confused: yall wont believe what she did today on our lunch me and my buddy from work, we are like the closest friends at work and everybody knows that, specially her. Now tell me why on our lunch we both decide to go seat by her and her friend (they are always together also) so im...
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    2 Hb 10s at school

    Ive done plenty of 10's trust me.... listen if you want to have a chance at any of these two broads , make sure that you show them tht you are interested and build some type of attraction then give them the cold shoulder like they aint ish. Watch them chasing you now the rest its all on you.
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    She Done MEssed Up Im Going Sosuave.Net On Her

    Hmmmm very true on both posts. today i heared her cussing on the phone at what it seemed to be a boy which i believe was her man by the way that she neglected herself from the rest of the crowd. i couldnt feel happier :)
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    She Done MEssed Up Im Going Sosuave.Net On Her

    Who ever thought that after yrs of success and experience i was gonna actually be asking for advice instead of giving. This is the scenario, This Girl at work , we have been working there for just over a month now, around the second week of work thats when i actually started paying attention...
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    The 7 Hour Rule

    Very true , that definetly makes way more sense, cause me personally i havent go past 7 hrs , once u pass 7hrs if u havent had a taste of it, u are mostly in the friends zone
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    The 7 Hour Rule

    Right on point, although that face to face "succesful" hours would be even better, nevertheless, interaction hours are good enough. Believe it or not it takes only 7 hours of confort time with the female of your choice to actually make her think that you dont want just sex, even if thats all...
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    The 7 Hour Rule

    How many of yall know about this? Just curious im not gonna talk about it until i see how much yall know about it. But basicly....i takes no more than 7 hours of knowing a girl to have sex with the girl. Ill elaborate on it if nobody knows how it works.:) Just wanted to see how many...
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    Best Reply To This Text She Sent

    dont text her back, call her back and set a get together
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    Comment on this pick up i just made at a grocery store!

    oh my bad 1-800-BFL-GIRL :nono:
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    Comment on this pick up i just made at a grocery store!

    Tx yall, i was thnking the same, that i didnt really build no rapport but i just know how to conversate, specially with the opposite sex its just natural for me , so when i do call tomorrow it will be no problem for me to strike an interesting convo. This was the first time that i approach...
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    How do you answer to that?

    a girl asked me that before. Her : Tell me your darkest secret Me: That i will never have sex with a female with curly long hair, messed up teeth and an apple bottom Ofcourse i was describing her, needless to say 3 days later she was in my bed.
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    My fiend won't give me ride

    Yeah wait until he calls you back, but when he does dont even mention it to him, dont show him that it affected you in anyway, act as if nothing happened, and if/when he brings it up just reply with "its cool no biggie" now just be aware of this individual in the future, that shows you that...
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    Comment on this pick up i just made at a grocery store!

    First of all let me state that i was looking like straight s hit, im talking about some gym shorts and a sweaty tshirt. I was coming from the gym so i decided to stop by publix to get me my favorite meal "milk and cereal" i already knew exacly what i wanted so i go into the cereal section...
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    Strip club tips?

    lmfao you are a severe case of AFcism.
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    A Quick Tip To Remember Her Name If You Forgot

    i think somebody said it in here but when i forget their name right after they tell me i say" how do you spell out name" and your ass better be paying attention when she is spelling it and remember it lol
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    New Job New Girls And They All Want Me, How To Pick?

    This is gonna sound real crazy but listen. Last night i go to the bar with my friends, we all drinking having a nice time, i dont drink alcohol or smoke or drink soda neither so was ziping on some apple juice. so once they all tipsy i tell them that i got a friend from work that was gonna be...
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    New Job New Girls And They All Want Me, How To Pick?

    who said that im going after all of them, just cause they into me dont mean im after all of them i clearly stated that im after 1 in particular which btw she got my number today. i could careless about any other of them, i was just stating what was going. dont hate cause they cant resist...
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    What does it mean when a girl says she'll call you later but doesnt?

    First of all why are you worrying about wether she calls you back or not, you should already have plans, get a life. Don't depend on one girl, cause 99 percent of the time if you haven't set yourself as interesting to talk to in her mind she is not gonna bother in calling you. That says a...
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    New Job New Girls And They All Want Me, How To Pick?

    Aright this is the situation. I just got a new job working for a callcenter, and we are in the 3rd week of training classes. The workplace is literally 90 percent females and like 10 percent males which most of them are not as good looking as me ;) Now I played the quiet inocent boy at...