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    I'm done, i'm quitting.

    Damn! I'd love to be in your situation -- sex with no strings attached! Hopefully that'll happen soon. :D
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    defending the precious flowers.

    I pretty much agree with ( . )( . ) on this. Me, I used to be that guy that felt all women wanted to be treated like flowers and gold and all that romantic crap that I used to do (before even knowing a girl), and blah blah blah. I don't think like that anymore (thank goodness) and aim to have...
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    Everyone...I'm back!

    I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I logged off this site awhile back. I'm almost to my goal weight, which is 170 lbs down from around 280 (I'm at 193.5 right now). My reactions from women have improved immensely (and I'm sure I can number close on at least three that I run into...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #3

    I'm still in, guys! Just got sick this weekend so I haven't been able to do much of anything. I'll report on my results early this coming week.
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #2

    Centaur- Well, I'm not homophobic, but personally, I'd rather not find out. So I'll just stick to girls.
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #2

    Well, since I work as a cashier in retail, I've lost count of how many I've had convos with. Some customers seemed rather shy and introverted while others were very comfortable with having a convo. I've had a few 2-4 min convos as well as a couple 5-8 minute convos. I find it even easier than...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Course Description (class is now in session)

    I'm definitely in! Let's rock!
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    Well, I completed the exercise!! Today, I was concentrating on making eye contact and saying hi to people. Since I'm a cashier, I run into an average of 50-90 people per day depending on how busy it is. Today, we probably had about 80 people come through my register. I'm already making eye...