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    The ULTIMATE Guide to Beating/Avoiding Oneitis! Revised Edition

    sweet dear God! I come back to these forums after taking a MONTHS-long break and right away meet JUST the piece of advice I need. Wow, it's amazing how one can almost forget how to be a DJ and fall for one-itis's after being away for a while.. Great tip! Just magnificent.
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    You are making it soo complex. Which it's not. It's quite simple, actually; you are there only to have fun. Especially if you haven't been together more than three weeks and you haven't even known her for 2 months, then you shouldn't make it as if she was definetly the one for you. Just go and...
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    Experiment: Be Her Therapist for Ultimate Success

    I've tried this approach. It works like hell after the first one or two dates, however I wouldn't use it until getting at least a kiss from her (to know that yer not in the friendship zone) and spending one date just having fun without too much serious talk. After that, you can get a bit more...
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    Bitterness of the Unpopular

    Steel Dragon, I salute you! I could become popular... but there is one problem: I don't like the music I'd have to listen to and play. I don't like the baggy clothes I'd have to wear. And I don't like the "hot chicks" with wh0re-clothes and no brains. I know what I said here sounds like an...
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    Here's How To Make Yourself Good Looking

    A great thread! I've always thought that with women you don't have to be good-looking, you just have to be sexy. And you're not sexy if you wear cheap, bad clothes, are extremely overweight and have a nerdish haircut ;) By the way, I wear eyeglasses and that doesn't stop women from thinking...
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    I used to have this problem. Still have, sometimes. It doesn't matter how much you practice. What matters is your attitude (but the right attitude is easier to get through practice). You see, the way I got rid of it was simply to ignore. Think: "I am the PRINCE. As the PRINCE, as the GREAT...
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    Mama always told me...

    I completely second that. DJ is a man who takes responsibility from his actions. He is not a slimy traitor (who I'd consider a cheater be), he is a REAL MAN. The alpha male is not someone who nobody could respect, and a REAL MAN is not someone who badly hurts other people only because he is...
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    I agree. It wasn't even funny anymore, it was plain ole sad. I told him that it was, I will propably get flamed now by everyone there (I always do lol) but what can ye do, someone has to at least TRY to do something for these spineless people. By the way, I have never met such great hostility...
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    Good Girls do Cheat PART II

    You misunderstood me. The women weren't "compelled" to do so. But they would have done it no matter who they were dating - so the man is stupid if he dates these kind of women all over and over again. And he is even dumber if he then complains how all women cheat on him, when all he needed to do...
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    Good Girls do Cheat PART II

    Uhmmm... thank you! :) Altough I haven't really left the forums since I returned in february-march (don't remember the exact date). :p But I have to admit that there can be weeks when I have so much stuff going on in my life that I don't have much time to post here, unfortunately. Tiburon...
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    Good Girls do Cheat PART II

    I second MysteryWoman's opinion. I also find it shameful how the DJ Discussion Forum has in only two and a half years gone from "how to be the man you want to be and get the chicks you want to get" to "how to HATE women WITH ALL YOUR HEART!" Just... shameful :( Well, I am the man I want...
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    Women on the board?

    Btw is a famous DJ known also as the "by the way" :p
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    Allright, chimp. Apology accepted. But I still suggest you go read the DJ Bible if you plan on staying longer on the DJ site. Just to avoid any further misjudgements. Also, don't be bothered about the part about women. The women like what the DJ's do. I know they claim otherweise, but the...
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    That is a lie and a damn big one. I find it intriguing that people who become DJ's (i.e. people who just want to be attractive to women) are seen as superficial by others. I know that in GP.com DJ's are seen as people who want nothing in their lives except to have sex with women. But that...
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    Women on the board?

    uhm I don't think she ment you, squirrels... and btw I agree with you too, I think it would be great if there would be a gender indication, so we would know who we were talking to.
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    Age Limit

    I like girls who are a bit older than me, usually between 19-22. The reason for this is because they are smart. Or, to put it in another way: girls who are less than 18 seem to follow the "teen" traditions. They wear stupid ugly teen clothes, they listen to crappy teen music. They talk...
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    Perfection makes perfect.

    Nah, I have neither the time nor the will to perfect everything. Actually I find perfectionists to be quite annoying... I would rather say: Find out what are the things you truly value, find out what are the things you truly want - and THEN start aspiring for perfectness in those things. It...
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    Women on the board?

    I agree. I miss the old days when nobody started crying if women posted on the forums (well, not as much as nowdays anyway). Even though I still wouldn't take dating advice from most women, I find it amuzing how the new generation of DJ's seem to believe that you have to hate and bash women in...
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    Good Girls do Cheat PART II

    Jesus H. Christ!! The dumbest thread in the history of this forum part II... It's not the women we are supposed to be disappointed on, it's ourselves. If you've got problems in real life that you are unable to solve, don't blame it on women. If women dump you, cheat on you or treat you badly...
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    Distribution of Women on 1-10 scale!

    On a scale from 1-10, 5 is the "average" - or at least it should be. I find it amuzing how some guys consider the scale from one to ten to be something like 3 to ten or 4 to ten. I have a clear system: each point I give them represents 10 precents. I.e. if I give her a 5, about 50 % of girls...