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  1. J

    Keep yourself busy !

    I like this post. My main caveat is that these "plates" from what I've seen are almost always 6 and below so even giving them a second thought is a bit of a waste. Once out of college, it's very rare to either have the time or even anything close to a deep enough dating pool so that you have...
  2. J

    My GF wants to arrange a threesome FOR me...

    Basically an escort. A low end escort at that.
  3. J

    What happens to these party girls?

    I would love to agree with those claiming those involved in the 'party scene' age more poorly than average, but I seriously doubt that's the case. The 'normal' working married folks I know (who are the overwhelming majority) don't age any better than party folk. The stresses of career...
  4. J

    My GF wants to arrange a threesome FOR me...

    Why is anyone taking missouri even halfway seriously? He's obviously copy/pasting his fictional dating stories from just a couple of weeks ago. Clearly, he's very bored in his retirement, smh. There are no hot women in missouri anyway. Unless you consider Rosie O Donnell hot. Probably...
  5. J

    Older Women

    He doesn't say, which leads me to believe she is about 5 or 6/10: not repulsive enough to be an automatic pass, not good looking enough to be an automatic yes. Which would explain why he is 'thinking about it' rather than moving forward with it. Ultimately, it's about supply/demand on the...
  6. J

    Older Women

    It's tough for me to seriously consider women in that age bracket as desirable. There are just too many things that are 'off.' They've let themselves go, gained weight, spent too much time in the sun, and inexplicably, often have gone backwards in terms of their style. Often they've had kids as...
  7. J

    Explanations on how ugly guys get hotter girls

    You can't even get 50 year old grannys to date you. Who's the total slob now?
  8. J

    Real Talk: Female Beauty Peaks at 18

    And yet this weirdo voted for joe biden, a pedo who molests 10 year olds and infants.
  9. J

    Real Talk: Female Beauty Peaks at 18

    In addition to appearance, their whole aura and demeanor changes. At 18, sweet, bubbly, innocent, full of optimism yet vulnerable. At 21+ and especially 25+, there's a hardening of the spirit, less of that kind energy. They can take immaculate care of themselves physically, but by their late...
  10. J

    Real Talk: Female Beauty Peaks at 18

    Another granny fvcker lol. You and biggoal got some small goals.
  11. J

    Best and worst places to meet women--in my opinion

    But you are hurting for quality. That's the downside. Dollar tree ramen gets old after a while.
  12. J

    More Good News: Maybe Looks Don't Matter After All!

    I'm a big advocate of boosting your smv in any way practically possible. This means grooming, exercise, wardrobe, social skills, and of course income. There is zero doubt that doing so will increase the quality and quantity of access to higher quality women. Having said that, when out on my own...
  13. J

    Best and worst places to meet women--in my opinion

    online dating is game imo, if it yields IRL results.
  14. J

    Real Talk: Female Beauty Peaks at 18

    I may be more sensitive to some of the physical changes I see in women throughout their 20's, especially white women. I agree that many women can remain very attractive through their mid and even late 20's. However, even then, you'll see some subtle or not so subtle changes, the most prominent...
  15. J

    The Eyes: It's really that simple folks

    lol, I've noticed it's usually the checkout girls who are cute at TJ's. It's usually ralphs and vons with the hot customers.
  16. J

    Women's Horniness Drops Drastically in Winter

    I suppose there's no way to tell unless girls are horny for YOU in particular and then you notice a consistent seasonal dropoff. For guys who never get IOI's, never get approached or never approach for that matter, I can see why this would be merely an abstraction.
  17. J

    Various/Best ways to Show Intent

    That's not really a fair criticism. This is a legit dating topic, it could help a lot of guys. Unless he's posted on the same topic a million times before, that is. In my case, I haven't had any problems with women making the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd move. Oddly, I can't really escalate with women...
  18. J

    Best and worst places to meet women--in my opinion

    @Zimbabwe asked a while back if he could game hired guns by becoming a regular and the answer is a qualified "yes." You have to be high smv in order to pull this off. The higher your smv (basically looks), the faster it will happen and the more frequently it will happen. There's no strategy...
  19. J

    Real Talk: Female Beauty Peaks at 18

    I noticed in college and also at clubs/bars that 21+ year old girls were just at the point of decline in beauty. By this point, many of these girls had started to gain a significant amount of weight, voices were deepening a little bit, they were becoming a bit more assertive, cynical and...
  20. J

    Giving/Taking Advice from Strangers: Why?

    Typically, people will sift through a dozen or several dozens of photos for the best photo to post on social media. It's all a crap shoot based on lighting, angle, clothing, as you keep trying over and over to present your 'best' self. Then it goes through the ringer with digital editing...