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    FB's list of fine books

    Classics of Strategy and Counsel, Thomas Cleary translator, 3 volume set, believe it's OOP. well worth tracking down on Ebay. Tao Te Ching Chuang Tzu I Ching, this is a thought direction tool more so than a divination tool Six Thinking Hats, Six Action Shoes, Six Frames..., Lateral Thinking...
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    Do you guys think 42 is too old to start a new career?

    If the career is theoretical physicist and you aren't named Will Hunting, Chippendales or some type of microsurgeon, probably a little late. Everything else? It has never been easier to get schooled up and tooled up for a new career. Have even thought of making a change at 57 myself.
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    Is omission deception?

    So your wishes mean so little to her that she stalks to a bar you hang out and argues with you in favor of her wishes alone? Good riddance. Whether you were or not exclusive, she should have respected your wishes and also the ex connection is fishy and monkey branchy. It's very plain that the...
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    missed opportunity

    The key here is whether you truly wanted to go dance with her yet couldn't muster the nerve, or whether something other than shyness or hesitancy kept you from it. If the latter, no foul. If the former, read Chuang Tzu, "The Dexterous Butcher/Cook Ting."
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    35 yr old woman and completely delusional...

    Maybe he's trying to lead by example among a hood thug garbage culture that has done extensive damage to the entire country for 40 years or so and immeasurable damage to the black community especially. Maybe he is aware of black male incarceration rates and single motherhood rates and wants to...
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    Netflix's Too Hot to handle just casually debunking black pill fantasy logic

    Those shows are scripted towards increasing and maintaining viewers, so if the test audience responded to a very picky woman getting booted from the show, then that's what got scripted. Wouldn't put too much stock in any "truths" coming from any form of television.
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    I need help.

    OP we have all been there. That you are starting to realize and especially ADMIT mistakes is all you need at this point. Next you will change behaviors to avoid past mistakes. Keep your dating binary, keep yourself sane. Close women for face to face twice over a week or two, if there is friction...
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    When a girl tells you you don't text enough or that much

    I have also been on hundreds of dates just like you, have experimented doing things both ways, and will stick to low/no texting/calling going forward. YMMV of course, you do you, there is no one size fits all. The example I offered was how low texting/phone screens out Cluster B (about 25-40% of...
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    Women in the US

    Agreed, living similarly now, but the problems then become obesity and the few women who aren't fat looking/dressing like masculine slobs. Also you run into women who have only ever lived there and that almost always means personality disorder or other severe damage. Probably worth this in QOL...
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    Transforming Myself into The Cool Person

    Parties are shiny, sure, and fine for younger 20 somethings, but they are an effeminate, shallow form of social circle generally for adults. Build your social circle from things you like to do in life other than go to parties. If you are 34 and don't have such hobbies or interests, cultivate...
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    What are some good volunteer opportunities?

    OP, since you are older and have some spare cash, consider starting your own nonprofit. In the age of COVID, the possibilities for community outreach and effects are limitless, just do some Googling for ideas that resonate with you. Then YOU set the tune and make the rules, and you have an...
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    I know I'll get shiit on for this post, but idc

    You did great except the ultimatum at the end, especially with the calm, friendly attempt to leave without getting pissy and how she pulled you back. MANY women will put the brakes on during early dates, and would do that regardless of interest. Just keep seeing her normally sans ultimatums...
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    When a girl tells you you don't text enough or that much

    I recently had a date (last week) implode after sending her no texts and calling only to get the date set. She was fun and flirty on the first 10 minute intro call, then completely deal killer hostile face to face after no texts or other calls from me for only a week before the date. Bullet...
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    Who are women actually dating and how do they find them?

    Thanks for the fallacious, inaccurate personal insults and shaming attempts in that ramble. In poker we call those "tells." Will resist posting the barely fired 80s 7MM RMag BAR I bought for $400 a couple weeks ago or my truck. Maybe consider that doubling down on bad arguments and...
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    Who are women actually dating and how do they find them?

    Maybe wear a Trump hat in the pictures with firearms too? You should stop while you are behind. A few things for men to NEVER put in OLD pictures: Beer Can Pyramids Unframed Posters on walls, ****ty art generally, ****ty furniture (most guys have ****ty furniture when younger, even when they...
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    Who are women actually dating and how do they find them?

    Young men reading, do NOT put firearms in your OLD pics unless it's on a gun fan site or similar. Same effect as smoking a cigarette on OLD pics. Don't do it. As far as smiling goes using OLD? If you are lowish body fat, have an above average masculine face, jaw, chin, hairline, cheekbones...
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    Just got dumped by a 10/10 borderline and Im ready to redpill

    You had fun fcking a very hot girl who was an insufferable PITA in the end due to "issues." "Your turn" was glorious. Now you are free again. You won. DO NOT spend a bunch of time trying to diagnose and rediagnose her by hanging out on personality disorder victim forums. Get it out here, allow...
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    Do you guys think a 40 year old can get with a woman in her 20s?

    When in my mid 40s, no problem at all. 5 11, 33 in waist, 44 chest, 180ish lbs, good but not model face, excellent people/game skills and good social proof, 23-30ish, 6-8s then sure. About to get back into dating in mid 50s, 30 in waist, 44 chest still, much lower BF at 160 pounds, mostly gray...
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    Finally met someone I really like

    Eject due to bad behavior and attitude, but this doesn't look like Borderline/cluster B, or at least not a dangerous one. OP would almost certainly not have made this thread if 1 month in with a Borderline/Cluster B. Instead, he'd be in bed constantly while she pulled out all the stops to hook...
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    The above reflects my lifetime experience also. About 80% of my lifetime successes with women came from the above, "getting out there" and "farming" approach as you describe and then the women drop out of the sky from somewhere, weeks, months, years later, 20% from internet dating, near 0% from...