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    Is not the idea that a person will love you for who you really are just BS?

    DarkDream, Great stuff bro. Sad but true, sad but true. I wonder how it all came to this? I mean, I'm not suggesting we revert back to the caveman period and wack women in the head and drag them back to our caves but there's got to be a happy medium between the male dominated caveman era to the...
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    The Boyfriend

    Watch out. Keep your expectations low. She's most likly another attention ***** who is totally coc|< teasing you. I've had stuff like that from a girl for the past 2 months and nothing will come out of it.
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    Boyfriend on the scene

    Heh, I disagree with everyone on this thread. See my side of the argument at http://www.sosuave.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/008840.html
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    The Boyfriend

    I've changed my whole philosophy recently. Before, I'd say leave it but now, I'd say go for it so as long as they're not engaged or married. I see it this way, most girls who have something going for them will have a man, if you wait, you're never gonna get any of them. Am I suppose to leave it...
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    I want to smell good what are some good colognes

    Eternity by CK. Nice name and nice fragrance. I wouldn't recommend their shower jel though. It'll be way too strong.