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    COLLEGE STATUS REPORT - all reply (how many #'s, attempts, ONS, etc)

    I commute and am only at campus x2 a week. It's a half/half mix of cold approaches / classroom PUs. I don't have as much free time as I'd like, but I usually do a few approaches each day. In the past two weeks since school, I've gotten two numbers (of which one was a flake), and done about...
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    Daily Journal for Cold Approaches

    I'd say he's definetly above average (from a non-homogay 100% secure male point of view). One can't help but think about how looks affect a first encounter before any meaningful or effective words are exchanged.
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    The third and final

    YOU'RE MY BOY BLUE! *sobs*
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    Do martial arts!

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    most insluting thing youve even been called by a girl?

    Better then I am, StarMan. It got under my skin when a girl 'couldn't stand' my race. We're all 'horrible looking and disgusting.'
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    Field Report: Blitz and MotU do Philadelphia

    'twas a good read MOTU & Blitz. Entertaining and inspiring.
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    Ask a stylist. Gel makes your hairy noticably shiny; maybe it's mousse?
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    New York City (Reply All)

    Try Long Island.
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    Question on Swearing

    It's censored out, but I wonder why? Everyone uses special symbols to get around it so it's not as if it's meant to keep cursing off of the forums; it seems more like a law that no one listens to. Can't say ****, but you can say fvck. I don't understand the purpose of it when the intent of...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    Started a week ago, but skipped week #1 since I work in retail and say "Hi" to strangers anyway. ------------------ Je suis le grand fromage In words of Chris Rock "there is a choice every man has to make --- COMMITMENT? OR NEW PUSSIE? --- that's the question" Another one from Chris Rock...