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    Women know men connect emotionally through physical contact and sex. For her to with hold this is punishment for a certain reason whether it be she is mad at him, unhappy, or no longer interested. Something is up
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    Ex wife ****ed someone else while divorced

    It's a spectrum. Those fully without empathy have no chance.
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    Am I one of the few guys who wants a relationship only and doesn't care about getting strictly laid?

    There's nothing wrong with that. Some men are more prone to dealing with an ltr than the constant game of chasing girls for quick lays which becomes exhausting at some point Just keep living a positive life daily and things will work out eventually. Put yourself in better scenarios as well...
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    Talking about exs

    EXACTLY correct here. My ex npd would talk about her ex and i said something like " ya i dont really care to hear about him ok?" And she got mad at me haha. I showed no emotion. She later mentioned i was jealous. Ugh i said jealous? Of a guy who has failed life and who lives in a chit apt down...
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    Talking about exs

    Jesus she is a fool. Tell her you are dating her not them you don't care to hear about them. If she has a problem with that then the problem is her and she is a narcissist its more about talking about herself. Then let her go. Why do you think she is not married 12 years older than you...
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    Women to Avoid and Reasons Why

    Divorced women who divorced because they "didn't want to be married anymore" These are true low life scumbag women who just bail on the marriage and husband because they want to run around like a high school girl. They are untrustworthy and selfish beyond comprehension. Stay away from them.
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    Am I looking for something in girls they can’t provide?

    Smart man. I am on your plan for now on
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    Do not take any texts serious

    Women are extremely stupid.
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    Alpha male qualities video by Corey Wayne

    I think this is a very good video and can be beneficial to most.
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    pulled 9/10 strippers number

    Don't go raw and catch something life altering.
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    my girlfriends ex

    This here. I dated a mom for 3 years and altho enjoyed her and the kid having to deal with the ex and hear about him every other day is exhausting and adds stress to your rela. Secondly, I can fight, 2 things I can do above most others is fight and sports, however i would NEVER fuch up my...
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    Am I looking for something in girls they can’t provide?

    A woman's mindset is " what can you do for me" ? This is today's new woman and why divorce is near 60% and orchestrated at 80% by women. If you aren't doing what she wants and when she is out to an orbitor waiting around.
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    How did you look at women after being with a bpd

    Huge red flags: ALWAYS the victim, always Jealous beyond belief and controlling.
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    Making yourself believe you are the prize has gotta be the #1 priority for "inner game"

    Well today's women didn't get this memo instead they are entitled spoiled brats who think they are princesses. This is why they don't do chit, they don't cook or give just take and sit around on fb.
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    Women to Avoid and Reasons Why

    Mine lived at home at 30 and made 27$ an hour. Wanted to live with me without helping pay for anything wtf. AND had a kid. That's not my kid I'm not paying for her
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    Women to Avoid and Reasons Why

    Wow we dated twins except mine had her dad. But same chit. Silent treatment and syomp around the house like an ahole and storming off. She would run out of my house in the middle of a conversation. Just unreal.
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    Am I looking for something in girls they can’t provide?

    It is true the only unconditional love you can get this from family if they are loyal enough. When I broke up with my psycho ex-girlfriend she kept telling me how much she loves me I told her love is not enough when you're abusive and terrible to somebody love is not enough. And it isn't best...
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    Women to Avoid and Reasons Why

    Yep major red flag. It's one thing to go through a tragedy it's another to have chemical imbalances and have 3 years of depression with normal life.
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    Women to Avoid and Reasons Why

    Negative women are a terror. You come home from a hard day at work happy to see your woman and there she is corrupting the atmosphere with negativity and disgust. Ruining the vibe all night because her coworker made her mad and now she has to punish everyone for it