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  1. J

    How Do You "Cope?"

    I keep saying I want to do a media fast or at least cut back on media consumption. So I kinda sorta did that by checking out a local meetup for young adults 20's and 30's. Nearly 40 people already rsvp'ed for a friday evening bar crawl. EVERY LAST CHICK is fat! All of them! Not a single...
  2. J

    How Do You "Cope?"

    Metoo, fat chicks galore, chads monopolizing the limited selection of hot girls, divorce rape, it seems like nothing but black pills abound. Guys are turning to various forms of addiction to cope: marijuana, alcohol, opioids, video games, porn, sex dolls, internet addiction, tv, junk food via...
  3. J

    At what age do women “hit the wall”?

    That is just absolutely disgusting. It's pathetic that guys are pandering to milfs cougars and even grandmothers in this way. It's a violation of all that is natural. Another blackpill. I've lived in both LA and NY. I never paid attention to any woman over the age of 30. Too old. There are...
  4. J

    Women Start to Decline at 23

    The only demographic with consistently attractive women is college aged women from 18 to 23. And I'm referring only to women in actual colleges, not junior colleges which admit everyone. Druggies, mentally ill, homeless, etc enroll in junior colleges and it shows. The dropoff in women's...
  5. J

    70% of World Population Could Get Corona Virus

    It's not looking good:
  6. J

    PUA is (was) a Politically Correct Scam

    LMAO! Enjoy your time alone in the middle of a grass field, fag. Butthurt PUA's are always good for a laugh. :)
  7. J

    70% of World Population Could Get Corona Virus

    https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/public-global-health/485602-virus-expert-as-much-as-70-percent-of-worlds This is according to a Harvard Univ. epidemiologist. Marc Lipsitch told CBS News in an interview airing Monday that "40 to 70 percent" of the global population could become infected...
  8. J

    The Bachelorette show to have a 38 year old cougar

    Now we just need a 400 pound somalian 80 year old trannie as bachelorette to complete the circle.
  9. J

    Is there any truth to the phrase “out of your league”?

    LOL, 99%+ of the human population can't cope without some blue pill lies like religion or political correctness or heavy doses of meds like marijuana, prescription opioids or alcohol or tv or all of the above. Before, hierarchy was just a natural reflection of who was stronger, more...
  10. J

    Let’s talk about marijuana

    It's a crutch for mentally ill guys who can't handle the pressures of the real world. It's a necessary cope for the weak.
  11. J

    PUA is (was) a Politically Correct Scam

    PUA is indeed political correctness. It tells you every blue pill lie you want to hear: 1. looks don't matter 2. money doesn't matter 3. social status doesn't matter 4. race doesn't matter Then they add in some new age woo woo feel good b.s. from eckhart tolle and it's supposedly all good...
  12. J

    PUA is (was) a Politically Correct Scam

    We're all lied to so often these days, the only times we get mad is when we're told the truth. Everyone knows what the truth is. Some people are better looking, smarter, more athletic, wealthier, more intelligent and generally superior. Interestingly, positive traits tend to be strongly...
  13. J

    Is there any truth to the phrase “out of your league”?

    Political correctness says there are no hierarchies, we are all equal. From the perspective of political correctness, for example, there are no racial differences in athletic ability. However, since 70% of nba players are black, the only plausible explanation for this is that this racial...
  14. J

    This chick is fine, she's a 10

    Yeah, I've been stalked by multiple women IRL and online. I try to leave as little traceable info as possible.
  15. J

    Tinder Chadfishing experiment shows that Chad can get away with saying the kind of stuff that would deem non-Chads as creepy

    The difference is he's dealing with legitimately hot girls not prostitutes from SE Asia or Crenshaw Blvd.
  16. J

    I Just Can't Let Go of my Past

    He's got some sort of a weird calculator in his mind that leads him to believe he missed out on x number of lays or slowed his progress by x number of months or years from becoming Super PUA or something like that. There's really nothing you can say or do when a person is fixated on an a bizarre...
  17. J

    I Just Can't Let Go of my Past

    The vast majority of people are just not good athletes and can't learn how to play a certain sport properly, regardless of how hard they try. This is especially true for women, but also true for many men as well. I knew quite a few guys in high school who made the basketball team every year...
  18. J

    I Just Can't Let Go of my Past

    One thing I've noticed about guys who fixate on game is that they are very inflexible. They try to stick to a formula taught by a guru. They quickly realize it doesn't work, then they start to either blame themselves and try harder and harder, or they walk away because of burnout. When you read...
  19. J

    How Many Women Ask You Out for Dates?

    I'd say the majority of gals who ask me out are under 30. Most are 25 or under. I do have women who are 30 something ask me out as well. It's tough to give an exact percentage as women are pretty skillful at slipping in date requests in normal conversation and I just don't pick up on it. Most...