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    Finding A Foreign Wife

    Hey guys, I'm married to a foreign woman and I can't complain about it. Me, 45, American. Her, 28, Filipina. We live in the Philippines with our toddler, and it's a pretty decent life, much better than what I would have in the US. She's pretty, sweet, well-educated (Masters) and...
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    Reminiscences of a life operator

    I can see you are new to the game or you wouldn't post such nonsense. You had a good week and wanted to to brag about it...cool. Get ready for the worst week you will ever have. Why? Cuz ur head is all up in ur ass at this point and ur forgetting the smart **** that got you where u are...
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    would you date a girl with kids?

    Dated a few hott MILF's back in the states. Having kids brought them down to my level and it was worth the trouble. Living in Philippines now and a 40-ish guy like me doesn't have to compromise at all. Hmmmmm 18-20 year old virgin or 25 year old single mother? lol
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    Women with Children(It's getting worse fellas)

    OH come on guys, these women have been handicapped with the burden of raising children alone after their emotionally abusive husbands left them. And all you can do is sit there and make joke of them. It's not easy to raise 3 kids from 3 different fathers when you have been diagnosed with...
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    Don't Tell People Your Goals?

    Yeah, I had the same thing early in my life. It took MY parents a while to realize i wasn't just going to be a normal 9-5 guy and that i had different ambitions. I got plenty of those job apps in the mail from my Mom too...lol. They only want the best for us. Or at the very least, you know...
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    Don't Tell People Your Goals?

    The way i learned it was that you should only share achievement goals with those that have similarly lofty goals and are the people you know will totally support you. This is maybe 5% of the people you know. The rest would love to see you fail. But you can share 'give up' goals (like booze...
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    Problem with new GF

    Thanks for the input, guys. As for her branch swinging behavior, my point was that she doesn't have a history of it, even though its happening now. Yes, I am making excuses for her..lol. It's funny, if someone asked me for advice I would have told them exactly what you guys told me. Sure is...
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    Problem with new GF

    Met a new lady a month ago (her: 28, from a solid family, no kids, never married. Me: 41 and same) and we dated for a few weeks and then things started getting more serious and the past week we got a lot closer. It was nice and then she hits me with this: “This is really hard to tell you...
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    Field Report from Brazil

    You still down there, darkstarr? IF you are, keep it coming! Man, I'm jealous...haha. Actually planning a 3 month trip to Philippines, so maybe i will do a similar report.
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    Do you lie about your age to younger girls???

    I'm 41, but look 33-36. I cannot begin to estimate the number of times that being honest about my age has been a deal breaker to some 20 something hottie at the bar. And I'm not apologetic about it when I tell them and I normally make a joke about them being too inexperienced for a guy like...
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    Field Report from Brazil

    Sounds like a great time! Not to be a buzzkill or anything, but bringing a woman back to the US is usually not a good idea. I have seen firsthand that most of them eventually end up just as worthless as the typical American women. Some have turned out even worse. The US just ruins women...
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    Not 5 years ago...this stuff used to be fun...

    Totally feeling this right now, too. There definitely is some fallout to becoming a DJ and being wise to the world. It was a lot easier to 'hook up' when I had no clue what web they were weaving for me. Now I'm just too apprehensive and defensive about women to put out much effort. Guess...
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    Anyone want a great stock tip?

    Experienced trader here chiming in. I know a lot of long-time successful traders and none of them trade penny stocks and none of them brag about how much they made, especially on a non-trading forum. But you cannot deny it was a good call. Its certainly not for everyone, but if this style...
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    Who needs a wife??

    Pretty sweet, but its still an exclamation of how little power men in the US have compared to the women. We are just silly fools who will pay money to watch sexy women clean our house. I'm sure they upsell at times for exorbinant prices. Nice if you got $500 laying around. In other...
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    **ATTENTION!!** The "Flake Test" is real..

    Good advice, DonGorgon.....sucks to have to play games with women these days. But like everything, it all comes back to your inner game. As long as you are confident, secure, and have lots of options...you will pass any test she puts out there for you. Then YOU can decide if she is worthy.
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    Going to France with a girl

    This. Either OP is fraudin' or he hasn't leaned anything from this forum. A trip to France is something most DJ's here would give their left nut for. And he is gonna spend it going AFC over a chick that is obviously using him. wow.
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    If you are over 5'10" and physically fit: Click here.

    Another tall Texan here..6'3" barefoot. Seems like everyone wants to be tall, but in reality, it's a huge pain in the azz. IF I could do it over, it would be 6 foot even. But the women DO appreciate a tall guy and if you got some meat on you, it definitely keeps you out of trouble. Cuz with...
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    Japanese man marries virtual bride from dating game

    Where is humanity going? Right in the toilet. At least for old fashioned people that still believe in love and decency. Btw, I knew that virtual HO was cheating on me. Guess she found a bigger, better deal. I will get over it. Lots of virtual fish in that cyber pond. :rock:
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    Why can't old people just give it up

    Yes. But we have no idea what flopping is. Could probably use your help on that one.
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    Test Your Women

    I actually like this. In fact, I am doing this pro-actively. Living a very conservative lifestyle and looking for a decent girl who is cool with that. When I find her (if ever) she gets a very nice reward for being decent.