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    The "Red Flags" list...

    Re: Not inferior! Funny, dating young girls (below 23) is a high risk, most of them do not know what they want. They can think they are into a guy 100% but this is BS. THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT! **** them, but do not want/start a relationship, do not get emotionaly attached, high...
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    I just pulled to WORST AFC move in the book!! Holy Shyt!!!!!

    Kiss her already, your losing her. Kiss her on the next date, you had enough raport building, if kiss close you're in, if she refuses.. wel... Look out for the infutaution ((sp?).
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    writing a letter goodbye: girl opinion plz

    DON"T DO IT! You will regret it.
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    When a chick dumps you, do you want to know why?

    I know why, becuase there is not enough attraction (anymore). I don't even think that woman can explain why they lost attraction.. it just did. (unless you're beating the living sh1t out of here, then she has a good reason to dump you) That's why you will always het PC answers, "it's not...
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    Complete Sublimation of Sexuality

    You want a period of time to not feel as a loser, your placing an amount of selfworth on you being able to get laid. you're not getting laid, and feeling worthless. Now you have made an excuse for yourself, you have "a reason" for not getting laid. Sublimating sex is not gonna get you out of...
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    Weird Situation

    She wasn't being stupid, you were being stupid. You kinda forced her into a "pitty date". She only agreed for that date because: 1) She didn't want to hurt your feelings by saying "no" or 2) she asumed you would understand she wasn't romanticly interested I'll guess nr 1 is what happened.
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    Delete that Number NOW!

    Hehe, thats sounds familiar :D
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    Weird Situation

    *She is talking about another guy (her future b/f). *You told her you liked her. *She avoided the subject of you 2 dating. *She refused your date requests. *she WAS dodging the date thingie these are all major red flags imho. the fact is, there are more then one indications that...
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    Help me decipher this ******** email

    First, i found this thread realy intersting. When read the email from the first post, I thought there was no doubt she had a realy high IL in you. Then she flakes at the last minute... I realy don't get woman. But still my 2 cent on the email. You've placed her in dsefence mode. Society...
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    What Interested Women Do...

    Great, I had almost all the signs with one girl. Within three weeks I've systematicly erased those signs, still don't know how i did that...
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    Having more muscles

    Well, I'm not blind, and I do some training 3 times a week. I do not life in a country where it's a hype(well, not yet) to have a trained body. I'm pretty sure my observations are objective.
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    Confused about NEXTING and being FRIENDS...

    Remaining friend is possible but it depands on your feelings. If it hurts to be with her, then next, get her out of your life. It's an unhealty relationship, you don't get anything out of it, and possibly you will feel down alot. And if she falls in love with an other guy, she will forget you...
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    Having more muscles

    I've got more muscles the the average people, and had some direct comments from the ladies. I notice a lot of indirect comments (positive). But he down site, they only want me for my body, it sucks man... o.. wait... no, that is great :)
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    Anti-Dump's Machine (Part 3: You BUY a relationship, not BUILD one)

    Strange, all the posts I've read from pook were suggestion to improve yourself. The relation with "to get woman" was, ofcourse, also there, but that is what this forum is about.
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    Anti-Dump's Machine (Part VIII: Approaching Women)

    I think you missed the point, and the point wasnt to copy that line to use it on woman.
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    Anti-Dump's Machine (Part VIII: Approaching Women)

    I will never cook for a woman again.... :mad:
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    Too Serious, Man

    22 -> your baby is a ***** (no offense, i appreciate Jimi alot)
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    to trust or not to trust

    I'll guess if you keep the attraction strong, she will not feel to much desire to give in to the temptations. But, after a couple of months/years the relation will get boring, and that's when sh!t will happen. If not, then you've got a realy special girl on your hands. The younger yo...
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    to trust or not to trust

    I'm sorry dude. It's just a matter of time when she will give in to the temptations. Yes, i know, this world isn't fair.
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    Hyothetical questions are gold

    I sometimes use the "what if I would win the lottery"? It's great for building rapport, keeping the convo going on a fun and natural way, and you can find out about her interests. Wow, wouldn't it be great if you won the lottery, I would take a month vacation and buy a house on *insert...