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    sex without condom!! BE HONEST

    I was flaming Geo... so now you are calling Geo a woman! Which is accruate since he's taking it in the ass like a b!tch for that whoring sow he's marrying. Cheers beotch!
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    sex without condom!! BE HONEST

    You better stop talking about Geo like that or diablo will take disciplinary actions against you.
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    sex without condom!! BE HONEST

    Re: I know you!! In the market for a younger man?
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    sex without condom!! BE HONEST

    <edit>The term "disciplinary action" is synonomous with "IP ban". -diablo
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    sex without condom!! BE HONEST

    <edit> Continued flaming will result in disciplinary action. -diablo
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    My god some women are psycho

    The lesson here is: women don't grow up, they just grow old. If she doesn't have her **** together by the time she's finished her teens then she never will.
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    N.American women=best housekeepers

    "If you really loved me you'd let me have a prenup." OR "Baby, love ain't good enough to make a marriage last. So you sign that prenup or no diamond ring for you!"
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    A Queer Kind of Masculinity?

    There have been plenty of studies showing that domestic violence among homosexual couples (gay men or lesbians) is the same as among the straignt population. So maybe we could learn new techniques to beat our partners with from them?
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    Too Many Puss*es Around Here

    If you were as smart as you'd like to pretend you are you'd know that average IQ scores HAVE BEEN GOING UP. "Twenty-three years ago, an American philosophy professor named James Flynn discovered a remarkable trend: Average IQ scores in every industrialized country on the planet had been...
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    Too Many Puss*es Around Here

    So this is Episode 3 and we're the Jedi, eh? "Every single male is now an enemy of this Republic..."
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    Too Many Puss*es Around Here

    This right here shows the spoiled brat mentality of women. Hey, slut why don't you grow the fvck up and treat people like people instead of doing your power play drama bull****? Oh that's right becuse your pvssy gets off on it. That's because you're not fvcking grown up enough to deal with...
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    God you're such a fvcking tool. She's doing it because byches love drama! WTF? You're 26, do you not realize this by now? A little slow on the uptake? Either dump this cvnt or hand in your ballz cuz you won't be needing them anymore.
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    Don Juans are birds, and why women want them in their cage

    Big Eee Zee you are correct but you really shouldn't take the ramblings of the orignal poster so seriously. We both know that "real freedom" includes my freedom to wage a terrorist campaign to force the federal government to lower taxes. I'm free so I should be able to blow up and kill and...
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    Don Juans are birds, and why women want them in their cage

    Seeing as you're all of two years older than him I wouldn't go throwing around "lack of life experience" criticisms at people.
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    Top 10 Things Men Know About Women...

    That would be a great title for a book about women. :cheer:
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    Homoseuxality is natural

    In fact I was wanking off to some phone sex with a certain lady I know just before reading this... so I guess I do "wank." Poor girl was stuck at work, too bad I couldn't have helped her in person. You didn't even read my post before your first resopnce and I'm the twit? can't... stop...
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    Homoseuxality is natural

    Quite often when I post on the internet I get the feeling that people don't understand what I'm trying to say. Thank you all for your responses because now I know the truth: you really are the unwashed masses and I really am better than you. LOL This is so hilarious: "pseudo-science"...
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    Homoseuxality is natural

    I actually submitted this paper for my philosophy class. Anyhow, I see you 'tards are getting way off track and some of you really have your heads up your asses when it comes to reality. Thought I'd educate some of the dumb****s on this site. You're not gonna see results until you GET REAL...
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    The Heterosexual Pick up vs. the Homosexual Pick-up.

    You've responded 3 times now to this thread as though it were legitimate. So I guess you're three times the homo as the rest of us who only responded once. See you in the showers sweetheart, be sure to drop the soap like you always do. *kiss* *kiss* idiot :down:
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    Not all women want you

    If there were no players there would be no game. The world does not have to be like this, people make it this way. So hate the players: they have made the world the way it is today.