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    Study: Men become invisible to young women at 39.....

    I laugh at studies like this. Workout, eat healthy, have a decent career, have fun hobby, surround yourself with positive friends/family, and take care of your appearance. You'll never be that aging overweight old fart that everyone warns you about when you hit your late 30s.
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    She Walked Out

    This is why I don't ever want a child. Married or not.
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    women are *****es

    If that's all he's got, then we'll never know. I'll never know how they are birches
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    lol. bland is my thing too. Frozen normandy blend with frozen corn, just microwave. Then I add sweet potatoes or an oatmeal for carbs. Healthy, cheap, and full of nutrition.
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    Thoughts on aesthetics?

    Keep a balance among the 3 things: 1. Career 2. Personality 3. Health and Fitness You need a career to have something to make decent money and build skill sets that will never leave you poor. You need to work on your personality to attract people to you, not just women. You need health and...
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    an observation

    I learned early on never to give unsolicited advice or advice that will offensive to those not matured enough or ready enough to hear them. Most people just want you to support or reinforce their bad behaviors.
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    It's Good To Be Dating Again

    The adventures of Desdinova. I come and go through the years and I always look forward to what you do next. haha.
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    Lesson by marriage

    Control is what all women want. They will show that sooner or later from my experience. Good thread op.
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    sh*tty memory.. good or bad?

    Back in the olden days, I used to use a big pda to track my dates and their info. Now, you kids have a handy smart phone. Use it to track info specific to the girl. Code your dates with something that looks like a business meeting. Use different colors for different girls.
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    Enough is enough, time for a change journal.

    Keep going, don't stop. One thing you do need to work on is just do it. Easier said than done but you just have to jump in and do it. Talking yourself out of an approach or conversation using the same opd excuse of " oh, I am just not ready for it," is just not going to work. Prep all you can...
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    What are you guys getting into this weekend?

    Was being a hermit for a while. I decided make myself a little more of an extrovert this weekend. Breakfast with a co-worker friend then catching up with an old buddy from years past. I am still surprised how easy it is to be social when I need to. Just put the effort in contacting people and...
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    65 Things I Learned From Dating

    Fantastic list!
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    Single & career

    It might be that guy regardless of if he's married or not. I am in my 30s and my buddy is in his 40s and we both do well and get along with everyone. No one judge us any different. Actually the ladies love us.
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    10 things three years of poverty has taught me.

    Good stuff man. When your business do take off and you make bank, don't forget these lessons. Stay healthy and keep up the good fight.
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    My life is good.

    Your life is good. It's simple and you have all that makes you happy. Good job.
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    Desdinova's Relationship Recovery Journal

    Always fun to see your threads about your journey after a breakup. Like zekko, I get to live my singles life vicariously through these threads. Keep us updated as always.
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    is it wrong to date a chick in her 26-30?

    I see someone is a little jealous of you :)
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    How to get back an engagement ring?

    If you do end up not getting it back, then think of it as the relatively cheap price you paid for freedom.
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    Its a Long Journey Isn't It?

    It's a long fun journey. Enjoy it. You started as a shy kid with no idea how to socialize. Now you're talking. Next hone in on how to talk effectively and vary your approach to different people. It takes persistence and practice. It takes time, you might as well learn to have fun with it...
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    Just your average workplace predicament...

    If this is a temporary job you don't care about, then I agree with bluenorther. A simple hello goes a long way. If this is a career, don't dip in the company ink. Many drama/issues will follow you.