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  1. D

    How to motivate myself to approach women ?

    I"ll bump this up. The op's words are exactly what I'm thinking.
  2. D

    First 3 hours on POF.com . .

    Hey forty, out of curiosity, how many women have either messaged you first, or looked at your profile with the model's pic up?
  3. D

    A few POF tips

    Holy sh1t, that many emails from girls that look pretty cute, I must say I am impressed. I'm going to have to agree w solo, you must be a pretty good looking dude.
  4. D

    Turning 30

    Where did Jophil go?
  5. D

    Is your body language consistent with your "attitude"?

    This exact thing you are talking about is the thing I was trying most to learn about when I came to this forum. Do you guys think this is something that can actually be learned? I feel as though the "aura", that confident vibe isn't from body language, but from the way you feel mentally, the...
  6. D

    Ever reboot your social life?

    Read his posts, he has the wisdom of a 67 year old regardless, we're lucky to have him post here.
  7. D

    Ever pulled off a 3-some (FFM)?

    I'm almost in the same boat, I have been damn close a few times to a FFM threesome, but for some reason it never panned out. Like most of you guys said, this was way back when, when I, and the girls were all young and inexperienced. My question for you guys is, has anyone had one later in...
  8. D

    buying Gf a vibrator?

    x2. I have bought one "with" most of my past gfs, and it has always had positive effects. If I were you, I'd go with her to the toy store and help her pick one out.
  9. D

    Dealing with envy/regret...??

    Waddup gents? I haven't posted here in a while, but I am back looking for a bit of advice from my fellow "mature men". Lately I have been feeling envious of other guys, particularly guys I know who are in the "community", especially the younger guys. I am referring to the ones that have gotten...
  10. D

    If you were a chick, would YOU date YOU?

    DTP, it's good to see you back. In all your posts you advocate approach, approach, approach, but how to actually get yourself to do it?
  11. D

    Developing extreme masculinity

    I'm gonna bump this up, and yes I know it's 7 years old. I am wondering the same thing, about the masculinity, not the lack of libido.
  12. D

    Fart Fetish???

    Wow, just wow......
  13. D

    why do hot girls get into porn?

    Yes, I realize this is a 6 year old thread, but I started wondering the same thing lately and theres no need to start a new one. Rollo brought up some good points, but i am really curious as to how so many really cute, really young girls wind up in porn. I live in LA, and even though there are...
  14. D

    Los Angeles Daygame

    I wouldny post your phone nember on a public forum my man.
  15. D

    SHUT THE F*CK UP... obey your d*ck

    You're alive man. I love your posts, how bout some new ones?
  16. D

    Any "Older" DJ's Game 18 year olds?

    Exactly, you will feel yourself get dumber if you listen to their bs, it's amazing the things they don't know, i.e-good music. As far as the 18+ clubs, I have to been to a few recently and it seems as though the 18-20 year olds are always the hottest in there, they put the 23-24 year olds to...
  17. D

    Where to take a youngster (under 21)

    Exactly what I am attempting. I just get stuck thinking of sh!t to do and end up falling back on a movie or whatever.
  18. D

    How many of you are getting laid tonight?

    2 questions, what country are you in and where the hell do you meet all these girls? This thread is awesome man, the details are perfect and it's funny as hell.
  19. D

    Where to take a youngster (under 21)

    Hahaha, I knew someone would say it. ^ Thanks Scaramouche.
  20. D

    Where to take a youngster (under 21)

    How am i failing sh!t tests? You are right, I really don't want to be places that are full of people her age, but at the same time, I want to be able to taker her out and bars aren't an option.