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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #2

    Okay,I'll just wait for week 3 because confidence and starting conversation with girls isnt much a problem with me. I can have a girl talking for hours. Thats what I'm known for with my friends. Outgoing... Okay... so I'll wait for week 3.
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    When did this get posted? Oh well, so let me get this straight. Because I present a problem in here, its considered "whining" If i joke one of you back, im considered the bad guy. And p.s. Do you think im dumb enough to act depressed around a girl? Yea.....your not the brightest lamp in the...
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    Who "enjoys" approaching women?

    Shhhiiiiiiitttttttttt i hate approaching girls i dont know that im attracted too. Because the majurity of girls are stuck up and have no sympathy. I hate it.
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    Nice Guy or Jerk? Who Has More Potential?

    Lets not be foolish, We all know the jerk gets the girl. Its stupid to not think so. It goes against reality. Your friend in this dating game, Struggling
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    DJ Boot Camp - Course Description (class is now in session)

    HA! Funny guys i used to be the same way you guys are right now. Get all pumped up and reved to go. Then boom, reality hits. Not all of this stuf works, actually none of it works. but ill get into that in another post. but anyways good luck people...