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    White British solder killed by black radicals.....

    not hard to terrify any neighborhood, if you know how, repeatedly and forever. :-)
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    Cold shower benefits

    read Tim ferriss's THE FOUR HOUR BODY, it explains the sauna and cold bath bennies very well.
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    Anybody still has the link to goundra's online shop?

    gutless, ignornant fvcking punks, that's all you are.
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    Trayvon Martin

    I am going to write a novel, about a guy who decides to shoot the fvcking rioters, and that problem is solved. Silenced .22lr auto rifle, out of windows, vehicles, dark alleys, from rooftops and trees, works just fine to 100m or so of range. He doesn't care if they die or not, just so they...
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    "We have to talk. I'm moving out."

    fvck yes. did you take her skiing, water and snow? diving, sky and scuba? did you ride a motorcycle together, camp out, shoot, hunt, fish, garden, LEARN things together? everyone who is waf wants to GROW in ability and self respect. If you can't recognize that fact and build around it, suffer...
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    Are any of you in a Skilled Trade?

    trades, lines of work go out of favor. low $ places to live do not, and there's no special skill to running such places, either. The risks can all be insured against, and by a having several places, not all in one city, you spread out any risks of flood, fire, riots, seizure for public domain,etc.
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    Are any of you in a Skilled Trade?

    the real money is in working for yourself. No boss is ever going to pay you even a fraction oif what you are worth,. the more he pays you, the sooner you quit and go into competion with him. It's quite easy to learn enough about shooting and gunsmithing to have a 30k a year (cash) biz, In about...
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    Well i lost control for to long

    yep, you're nothing but a big pvssy. better end it all now and save yourself the agony.
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    I Am The Alpha Male, But I Am Unhappy

    there's no boring places, just boring people.
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    how many here are hunters or shottists?

    up yours, punk. Just because you are too stupid and too big a wussy does not mean that everyone is as deficient as you are.
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    Ways to Increase Actual and Perceived Value

    when women aint protected from the harshness of life by all sorts of appliances and luxuries (and by men) they don't have ANY game at all. Either they are great wives and mothers,good workers, and cooks, or they die pretty quickly (alone).
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    White British solder killed by black radicals.....

    those things you listed only bother you wusses who aint man enough to take such silliness in your stride. I never cared a lick what such people thought of me, and if they try to gang up on me and create problems, well, I've trained all my life at being able to handle such things. :-)
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    Anyone here smoking cigarettes

    there is no shop, never was. YOu are an idiot.
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    White British solder killed by black radicals.....

    If whites hadn't brought blacks to US, they'd still be spearing each other in Africa, like they are still doing (except with machetes) to this day. It was the greatest gift of one group ever done for another, even tho such was not the intent. Since White Europeans ALSO did more for all the...
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    Marriage is a fools bargain for men

    I say again, you need to be gutshot. the world already has 10x too many people for all to have a decent life, and you want to make it 2x as bad.
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    "We have to talk. I'm moving out."

    what were you doing while she gained 60 lbs more than the 20 lbs (which is unacceptabole, right there)? That 60 lbs didn't go on overnight, after all. It took months. I'd have forced the issue, much, much sooner. it's disrespectul as hell to your partner, to gain even the 20 lbs.
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    Women are not better than you

    women do have half of the money and all of the pvssy.
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    Anyone here smoking cigarettes

    all smoke is harmful. all alcohol is harmful. there's plenty of other harmful elements that you are forced to breathe, or intake, so why add to them, willingly? Only a fool would do that.
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    White British solder killed by black radicals.....

    race can't even be defined, it's a bs construct, for little minds. if a man has some black blood in him, say 1/64th, is he a negro? how about 1/128th? teh entire idea is childish. if such a small thing "taints" you, then a black with 1/128th white blood in him MUST be regarded as "white"...
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    Anybody still has the link to goundra's online shop?

    fvck you punks. If you could read, you'd know that changing one's mind does not mean you can get out of whatever. It just means that you changed your mind. See, punks, I am not like you. YOU "think" that your wish or your opinion means jack shyte. i KNOW that it doesn't