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    Is it better to eat her pu$$y before or during intercourse?

    lol when I was hit in the face by a huge splash it was totally unexpected. I said "Are you ok??" She said yeah why? Because...um She said she should have given me warning - she called that particular orgasm "the showstopper." Just a huge amount of fluid. The first time was on top of my...
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    Is it better to eat her pu$$y before or during intercourse?

    Ever go down on a squirter? Friggin gross. It was like being hit in the face with a large warm glass of pi$$.
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    Do you dudes avoid overweight chicks and why?

    I'm nice to everyone and will talk to anyone. But fat chicks don't need my romantic attention, they get plenty elsewhere. For example there's this one overweight, tatted up friend on my fb - she's in "burlesque" (burlesque = fat) and posts tons of half nekked pics wearing fetish gear. And...
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    Over 40's What do you do with your time off?

    Time off is great! I ride my bike, walk the dog, build German and Russian WW2 models, joined a biweekly movie club and made new friends, go see bands in a bar and get totally loaded, met a woman on Tinder who has a metal detector so research places to hunt treasure - instead of a date we are...
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    I had to fire someone this morning

    People fire themselves by ****ing up. Don't sweat it.
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    If men weren't hypergamous themselves?

    I don't understand what is meant by hypergamy. I thought it applied to marriage, as in "marrying up." Or does it apply to sex and dating, or is it about having as many sexual partners as possible?
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    Don't let your girlfriend DISRESPECT you or you will LOSE your girlfriend

    This is one of the most fvcktarded things I've ever read.
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    Richard Sherman Incident

    Richard Sherman is not the one that got caught using PEDs, and then tried to cheat on his urine test, and then got suspended for 6 games because of it. That was Von Miller, and he plays for the Broncos. And there is nothing classy about what Von Miller did. I demand that all sports...
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    Richard Sherman Incident

    Those who complain don't watch football, RS has always talked trash. They don't even know what LOB stands for.
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    Can you buy weed in Colorado now if you live in a different state?

    Yes, if you have a friend in CO. Have them buy for you, wrap it tight and pack it in coffee, and mail to you.
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    The hobbit desolation of smaug

    Seeing Smaug come to life was worth waiting for, that dragon is badass. And his bass voice made the theater rumble.
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    65 Things I Learned From Dating

    Great list, thanks. Wonder if you could elobroate on: Dating “up” as a man is asking for heartbreak. Learn to honestly assess your sexual market value. Does that mean dating up as in more money and resources - dating someone with more money than you, or in looks?
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    Girlfriend says "I'm sorry I have issues I need time".

    I had this happen. A girl I was seeing for 2 months was all over me, then started pulling away. I asked her straight up what she was doing, and she said she was "not sure she's emotionally available" for a relationship. Such bull****. I said let me help you with that. Then left, deleted her...
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    Am I missing something here? Pof vs Okc

    Online dating during the cold winter months is tough sledding. Wait till March. The spring is when people get active and new profiles of women will start popping up. My theory is, the holiday season traditionally puts a huge strain on relationships and break ups happen during that time...
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    More liberal faggotry: Let's reward thieves now.....

    Sounds like the coffee shop employees are being good Christians.
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    Sensitive New Age Guy angry about being told to "man up"

    Angry poetry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.upworthy.com/if-you-tell-this-dude-to-man-up-you-better-be-prepared-to-learn-why-what-you-said-is-awful
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    How to drive without car insurance and get away with it (would u?)

    Truth...and Missouri may or may not require you to get a state inspection, and god forbid they find something wrong. I got "We're not gonna pass your car with those tires, you need a new set." Bull****! The whole thing is a scam to shake you down for money, for a little sticker that can be...
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    How to drive without car insurance and get away with it (would u?)

    What seems risky is renewing your tags, when you have to show your personal property tax receipt and proof of insurance every year or 2 years (at least in my state).
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    How can she.....

    How can she slap?! HOW CAN SHE SLAP!!! Funny ass video :)