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    Feminist losing her sh1t attacks MRA's

    Isn't the MRA/MRM or whatever just reverse feminism anyway?
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    Why women submit more easely and clearly to other women than men

    There's truth to this since most women a sheep.
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    Average looking women who are a huge turn on.

    May not be a matter hot or average but what assets she has that turns you on about her.
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    Help!!! I think I'm falling for an escort...

    I will give it two to five months before it goes in the sh1tter.
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    What mature men must be aware of

    The Bf may be a white knight himself.
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    sex outside a marriage to save the marriage!!!

    Since most married men are betas maybe the wife need that extra something outside the marriage.
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    When women say you'll die alone and single

    No comeback is needed since most women are single themselves.
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    A life of solitude and loneliness

    Poetry Site ------->
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    Disgraceful Media sanctioned AFC's

    Seriously though, why do guys have to be creative to get girls, its just another form of the pedestal. This i will agree with for the MOST part. And your woman/ women in general are not owned buy anyone,and assuming that you did marry a 24 year old (and a American one at that) i see another...
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    Disgraceful Media sanctioned AFC's

    It's the way of the world deal.
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    Disgraceful Media sanctioned AFC's

    Now men can look in the mirror in see that ''he's'' the one at fault and stop blaming women and feminism for ''his'' problems. :yes:
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    Plenty of Fish - nothing hurts your confidence more...

    *Sign* No wonder why most fail when it comes to online dating, sending massive amounts of emails out NEVER works and clearly shows one have no clue to what he is doing.
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    "The Expendables" a dealy hit to masculne men in Hollywood movies

    Seems feasible their really just giving you an example of what modern men are really like.
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    Can hanging out with the wrong people hinder your chances women?

    Define who's right or wrong to hangout with.
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    Why do women like suits?

    I never saw a shred of evidence in history that women like suits.
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    furious and bitter, how do i behave next time i see these AWs?

    You went out with a lawyer? Self explanatory.
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    looks, money and status.

    This topic have been done to death.
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    why do girls expect some guys to do crap from them but other guys they dont?

    NO they only have such expectations from manginas aka nice guys, if a woman trys to run that game on me i walk.
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    One of the most Important posts Ever

    Pretty typical unfortunately most men are still set in beta mode.
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    How to make male friends?

    You don't ''make'' males friends it just happens.