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    FUKK IT. I've Had Enough!

    Yo Mods: I know ya'll guys can't do a Big Brother 24/7, but damn, so many fukkin' posts where they OBVIOUSLY don't belong. Why the hell is someone posting about CD's on the Dating Forum? This fills the forum with all this irrelavent shyt (at the expense of some good posts which may not get...
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    Decades of Experience All In One Post

    ONCE AGAIN! we get one of these posts. Truely a goldmine of info, but yet when I "argue" these points (which I knew a long time ago) of course it's just like swimming against the current. Most chicks (and bytch-azz niggas too) will verbally attack you if you mention shyt like this. The part...
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    Wanted: Your Most AFC Move

    Yo, this ain't about myself, but I HAD to throw it in when I read the article in today's "New York Daily News": 'Court: OK To Ax Worker For Jealous Wife.' Bust it: This guy has a secretary (they are both married). The secretary gets pregnant (by her husband, of course) and the boss' wife...
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    The thing that is really lacking here...

    So You do it, then!
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    The whole "monkey girls" and "girls w/ BF's" subject, DJ's who piss me off

    Good point. Unfortunately, you just described the MAJORITY of women out there!
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    Girls leaving their crap at my place

    Well, being that I'm not one of those "morals guys," my simple way of dealing with this was to leave ALL BYTCHES' SHYT in my crib. When one would ask, I would say, "That's so and so's." If she didn't like it, she could take a fukkin' hike. (Of course, sometimes I cleaned up when that...
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    Who pays on the date.....?

    TrickyNick: No well-respected seduction authority believes otherwise. I would have to disagree, as this happens more often than you think. (This chick just paid for our lunch date the other day.) WildThang's post sums it up pretty well. I mean, why the fukk do we always have to pay...
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    Hey, if possible, for all the female posters (or at least those would like it) can you call them "Don Juanitas" on their post names? (Perhaps this might encourage more female posting.)
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    what can a skinny person do if they are in a fight with big guys over chicks?

    The question is, "If you know this shyt is gonna bring you trouble, why are you gonna step in it?" Ain't no puzzy in the world worth it!
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    What is she trying to tell me?...Don't worry about it.

    Yo, right on. Funny I just posted along these lines (I'M NOT GETTING THE PUZZY) and right after I read this. For all you youngins out there, LISTEN TO WHAT WE'RE SAYING. This will save you YEARS of trouble and heartache.
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    how often do girls get asked out?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by neuromancer: See...so when we get dinged a lot it's because everyone tries and even average women have...
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    Need advice re: Younger Women

    Why you silly boy. All you have to do is replace wee-wee with ding-dong.
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    Need advice re: Younger Women

    I'd fukk all of them! Also, keep an eye out for the mature ones. Young, mature chicks are hard to come by.
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    Why do some women give their real phone numbers wihout an intention to speak to you?

    Personally, I don't know of any guys who do this. And if there are guys who do this, it's dumb shyt and I have no explanation for it.
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    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    Sir_Chance: I've, actually, had QUITE A FEW! Here's the worst one. I was going out with this chick and her cousin used to hang with us a lot and she started diggin' on me badly. I loved her cousin, so I wasn't in THAT frame of mind when she told me, "ACTION, I have to stop hanging around you...
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    Quick Pick-up examples for different situations. (All real)

    Apparently, no on here has been "listening" to my NYC slang. (Uhh, the hip-hop originators, you know?) But, bust it, though. A lot of those situations are good for young niggas. If I try to use some of those I'd get laughed at. (Notice I said some, because I'm sure others will work.) This...
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    Lets hear your Stories of REJECTION! + my story of rejection

    Yeah, I'll bet it was a while since she got eaten out. As for rejection, here's one: There's this chick I've seen on the train a few times and I caught her a few times really giving me the eye. So cool. The next time I saw her I stepped to her and intro'd myself. I noticed she was walking...
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    The Don Juan Pledge of Honor

    HOLY FUKK! You must be my clone or something! (Like I say, just because you wanna bang bytches doesn't make you a bad person.)
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    My Sh*t Theory

    YEAH! The shyt is good enough to Bump. (I know the Feminazis will scorn me for that!)