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    SUCK at talking to women!! :( Help!

    So nobody caught this? How the **** can you have sex with 20+ women and not be able to hold a conversation?
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    I gotta ask the board! Do you think women control the dating, love, and sex game?

    Of course women control everything. They are the gatekeepers and you're just man number 3,571 who wants access. Women have power. And only a very small number of men actually have more power.
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    Why aren't you getting any?

    How the hell do you learn how to create tension and chemistry?
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    Why aren't you getting any?

    Because after all these years, I still don't have a ****ing clue how to make a girl like me. Meet a girl I think I have a chance with, talk and joke a few times, ask her out, get rejected. Repeat over and over.
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    Anyone tried out this method of Birth Control?

    What the hell are you talking about? It's gay to want a method of birth control that men can control other than condoms which suck and a vasectomy which is permanent? Every man alive who doesn't want kids should be on this method if there are no crazy side-effects.
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    Anyone tried out this method of Birth Control?

    That is something I would definitely like to try. So far it's only in trials in India, when it's coming to North America has yet to be seen.
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    I’m lost and tired

    Every few days I come back to this thread and think over how I want to reply. Whether I just want to vent or actually work on doing something. For two years I've focused primarily on this one girl. It is so hard to get over her and I've felt like **** for a few months now. Just no real...
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    Self Perception

    I know most guys are average. But the problem is that average is a man who's 5'10. Because of that, I'm automatically below average. A couple years ago I was semi-serious about working out. I lifted regularly but didn't put much thought into my diet. I did build muscle but it was hardly...
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    We deserve the Presidents we get

    The two party system we have is trash and things will never get better as long as that is in place.
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    Self Perception

    Any one who believes he is a 10 when he really knows he's not is just delusional or in denial. Zekko made a great point, women will let you know when you are hot. The problem is, what do you do when you know you aren't? If my height wasn't taken into account, I'm probably a 6. I could be a 7.5...
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    I’m lost and tired

    Yeah, sounds very similar to me. *facedesk* You orbited and got to screw her. That's a horrible moral story. What lesson was I supposed to learn? Your turn around point happened after you screwed her Sure then she flaked on you and you realized you were an AFC then started working on...
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    I’m lost and tired

    I am slowly getting over her. But for some reason, I'm scared of doing so and don't really want to. I've had feelings fade for a lot of girls, and couldn't be happier that they were gone, but this girl. Something tells me that I won't be able to find somebody like her again. Feels like some...
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    I’m lost and tired

    Why I "orbited" her is a very long story. She knew I liked her just about from the beginning and eventually we became real friends. Last time I checked, buses don't run once every six months or more. I know all about oneitis, I've been on this forum a very long time. I've also lived...
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    I’m lost and tired

    Hey Kitten. Good of you to point out that I have a reputation of wanting attention. And that's completely true. But I've since realized that forum attention doesn't really give me any fulfillment. Of course I still appreciate any advice. I think you're completely right about that. The one...
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    I’m lost and tired

    I haven’t posted here in a while and somehow I just got the inspiration. A few months ago the girl I’ve been chasing for a couple of years kicked me out of her life. We had a little fight when we were hanging out, and then a few days later, over text, tells me that she thinks the friendship...
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    The dangerous side effect of fiction and movies on dating

    I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love a while ago. **** messages like, if you think somebody is your soulmate you'll never give up. Appologize if you don't fight for somebody you love. Women don't give a man about that crap.
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    Interesting situation (should I turn down a 3some)

    Why would you possibly turn down a MFF threesome?
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    Unfair 'play fighting'

    It's surprising how strong some girls are. A girl, who was my friend, once slammed her fist down on my shoulder, while I was sitting because I was teasing her friend. It hurt enough to make me mad but I kept my composure because I was in a room full of people, and she was my friend. Looking...
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    My current opinion on women after last night.

    Hmm, so then clubs are pretty much worthless for guys who aren't the best of the best.
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    Why Women Like To Have You In The Friend Zone.

    Heh, I think men are pretty much the same way. Why else would a guy spend time with a girl he's not ****ing? It's all the validation and attention. Also, it's really hard for some men to like themselves when girls don't like them. Men and women are a lot more similar than some people...