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    Almost got in another fight

    sometimes today people are bringing a knife to a gunfight. In the U.S. at least.
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    People here don't have a plan/regimen

    alot feminists and other groups opening accounts
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    Hooking up is not viable in 2023?

    There is just something in the air. People are not the same. women have changed as well.
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    IOI Game Backlash

    Anybody noticing girls are hostile to IOI game recently? A year ago this was not the case. Getting really hostile (lots of girls wearing sunglasses and getting dirty looks when they suspicious you are trying to game them) looks from women (In other words I am not even trying to game them). I...
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    How hard would it be to get a body like The Rock or Vin Diesel?

    look at these bodybuilders. might be natty
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    Is there any solution? I feel like there's no good answer for me. It's all a mess

    I think if the passion to get good at this was there for you. you would do it. approach anxiety or any other obstacle would be easy to overcome. it can be hard to figure out conflicting motivations/desires. things like approach anxiety. could try googling desire repulsion by captain jack
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    Are you happy that Hollywood is dying?

    hollywood is tasteless now.
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    it's ok too play it smart. However you should not be fearful. It is a destructive emotion. I think it is natural as you age to play it wiser. When it stops you from getting better for something you are passionate about and it will for a fact improve your life. Than it is a problem.
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    Does anyone else find attractive women easier to deal with than average women?

    5-7 range in looks have a very cold vibe. The better looking woman are friendlier.
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    In casual conversation. She says she has a husband or bf?

    If you are talking to a girl they usually feel you are talking to them because you want to have sex with them. Off topic if you look anywhere in there vicinity they think you want to. So they let you know they have a husband.
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    if you feel you are creepy it is a self fulfilling prophecy. its called state transfer. if you are nervous or angry or think she is going to reject you she will.
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    No real motivation to meet/date girls anymore

    You could open with a situational question? Something like "Do you know where xyx is? After she answers you could change to a related topic. And if the conversation is mutual and she will ask a question for more information(intentional) than you continue if not you politely leave. Than you could...
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    No real motivation to meet/date girls anymore

    If you are interested in cold approaching. You might not be. I did not read the whole thread. Than try a very under the radar style of cold approach. that could help out with one the girls anxiety and also your own anxiety around cold approach.
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    Woman accidentally films man stalking and sniffing her in Barnes & Noble

    Clickbait. Most men are too afraid to talk to a woman.
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    Why arent fire departments and police departments privatized yet?

    Things are now as it stand heavily regulated. It is not good enough. These privatized companies are going to be less regulated. Taxes aren't going to be reduced.
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    If you were to give ONE TIP to someone with no game.. what would it be?

    Learn to put your ego aside. So if you want to do cold approach be prepared to get rejected and be ok with it.
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    Who "enjoys" approaching women?

    Well I actually enjoyed approaching women. When I become too results oriented I do my worst. I do my best when I actually don't care much about the outcome. Outcome Independence is a good attitude to acquire.
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    Body language, IOI’s, women & interference

    Well I think for Mode One your internal game probably (confidence etc.) plays a big factor in your success. Some people may possibly not have the correct mental mindset for Mode One. So that might be why some guys have had different experiences infield. With the ratio of success being so low...
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    How to gain mass as a skinny guy

    I come from a bodyweight building mass background. However they talk about how higher reps ranges tire out the muscle more and are better for hypertrophy (or building mass). And that lower rep ranges. Also called greasing the groove. Like less than half than what you are capable doing. Often...
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    Cold approach signals

    You don't have to wait for choosing signals. You can visually screen the target before approaching. What I mean by this. Is just to take a look and check out her vibe. Is she walking quickly like she has somewhere to go for instance. Does she look like she is in a bad mood. I have found the best...