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    The Declining Hotness of Flight Attendants

    What he said; It's called voting with your wallet. If it's that important, make a point of it.
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    Bombing and Shooting in Oslo

    Some are very strict, in fact those which are more strict have more shootings. Draw your own conclusions.
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    Working Example of the Advantage Women Have

    Well it was probably Army, Marines are first in advance.
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    Is America heading toward the trash heap of history?

    Actually 300,000,000 Americans manage to produce over 18% of the worlds manufactured goods, while China at over 1,000,000,000 souls just recently BARELY edged past the USA in manufactured goods output. The problem has a lot more to do with regulatory capture and progressive failure of markets...
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    Bombing and Shooting in Oslo

    High gun ownership, strict laws, mandatory weapons training. Hmmm. Which one does the US lack? I'll give you a hint: the last one.
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    The Thread Of Going Foreign

    Is "can't get laid" the only reason you'd go someplace fun and interesting? What a marvelous life.
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    The Thread Of Going Foreign

    Yeah I'm not going in cold, I've spent 1-2 months of each of the last 3 years over there already, diving and kicking back. This will be working a little and just cooling my jets in North or Central Luzon.
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    The Thread Of Going Foreign

    I'm moving to the PH in a week. North America is a cesspool, I'm out.
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    Are males who buy sex disgusting?

    Here is an example of what goes wrong when prostitution is illegal: CIDG officer rapes 'rescued' raid victim Saturday, July 16 A woman who was 'rescued' in the recent bar raids under the excuse of 'human trafficking' was freed from jail after being forced to have sex by none other...
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    do foreign women know they have it good here??

    Foreign women love American guys. If you ever have a chance to date overseas you will see this first hand. We have a reputation that is partly reality and partly not, for being attentive, kind, generous, well mannered, reliable, well paid and in general just great catches. In large parts...
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    Fat Chick/Hot Chick Theory (an Observation from the field)

    Gads. To me those are no goes, I don't really believe in a 1-10 scale but if I had to put those chick on one, they'd be 1s or 2s I guess.
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    Are males who buy sex disgusting?

    The irony is that laws against prostitution make it HARDER for women to avail themselves of the legal protections they would normally have if they were engaged in legal work. Also you will find that most people have a really odd, black and white view of what a hooker is, because if you get...
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    How to overcome shortness?

    "I'm a lot taller when i stand on my wallet"
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    Why do women expect men to pay all the time?

    Mostly depends on who is the hunter and who is being hunted. I've had girls buy me drinks and so on, mostly when i was young and beautiful but still some now. It just depends on who is being pursued, but most guys like to chase and most gals like to be chased so it works out as it does, no...
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    Another pof winner

    Too bad I can't use the ones my latest, semi-freaky girl has me take - her riding me at the moment of climax, eyes all rolled back, hair flying, lip-biting, the works. Deep-throating me looking up into the camera. Then there are the naughty ones ... :p I wonder if there's a line where it...
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    What's the best time you've had hanging out with a girl/woman?

    Well it's hard to choose. There was the in-effing-credible sex I had last night too, but I only get to see my little nieces rarely so I thought I'd go with that.
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    What's the best time you've had hanging out with a girl/woman?

    I took my nieces out to icecream recently. That was fun and cool.
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    How should we interpret the boycott of the Playboy TV show?

    I'm not sure why I care who is boycotting PBC or why. Why should I care?
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    I married a foreign chic, how is it going?

    Yeah, I know, I've banged quite a few sonny. Discussions like this make me remember why I thought 30 or 35 should be the line for letting someone post in the mature man forum, but then I don't pay the bills. To make myself happy, improve the lives of myself and those I care about, and to leave...
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    What do YOU think is the most attractive thing a girl/woman sees in a guy/man?

    That's what they will look at, but when it comes time to go home, they go home with money and status, but it's OK, while she's sucking me off she might be THINKING about that hot guy she left behind in the club.