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    drunk - passed out

    Ha ha - no worries. Well to cut the long story short...I don't think it has caused an issue - in fact she seems more interested now - particularly because i said I was happy i didn't sleep with her and regreted hooking up... She is chasing me now. I guess her seeing him next to me allowed...
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    drunk - passed out

    Hi guys, i have been competing for this girl with another guy for a few months now and have been with her a few times over that period. but she is still having some issues with her ex and trying to resolve things -hes a typical afc with oneitis and threatens to kill himself over her and she...
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    IOI's high, mixed results.

    Thanks, well today i've back off and am already seeing some results - she messaged me earlier and i eventually wrote back a closed reply, From now I won't initiate contact all weekend and will see if i hear from her - weekends are usually her busy times with gfs so even if i don't i'll extend...
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    IOI's high, mixed results.

    Just a quick note to add only just this week she isn't pretending we aren't catching up and seeing each other socially. She even wants to goto this event in a couple of weekends with me + both our mates and the ex would be there too. sounds like trouble. haha
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    IOI's high, mixed results.

    As I said to Slaog its not so much a LTR with this girl, more something casual and it serves my interests at the moment until my time frees up in a couple of weeks. the guy proposed to her because she was leaving him, when we hooked up they were separated but he was trying to work things out...
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    IOI's high, mixed results.

    I think you could be right. I'll have to be less available and see how that goes. the last time i didn't **** close was when she had work in a few hours and she is a career focussed girl. however it could just be an excuse.. In terms of doing the wrong thing I think this comes from that she...
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    IOI's high, mixed results.

    this girl i've been seeing now and again for the last 3 months has me beat. She was in an engagement and broke out of it to see me and i **** closed her the first night we went out but since then she has seemed a bit fridget. We speak most days and have fun when we hang out but there is...
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    FACEBOOK GAME --> At it's best.

    congruence,,,,is key! if it comes off unnatural then its a losing game. If it is who u r. c&f mixed with some atttraction material is a winning combo..tsmith sand Sandow? what do you do now instead of c&f? does it work better?
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    Chic With BF Wants to "hang out"

    just another quick note mentally prepare yourself for this girl to be a head **** and in that case if she changes her mind or does a 180 or whatever you won't be concerned. Do not invest emotionally in this - whatsoever!
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    Chic With BF Wants to "hang out"

    If she is technically single I don't see a problem but take control don't play by her terms. I mean, tell her you can see her but on your terms doing what you want. Don't give her the power. Maybe she just want a **** buddy and uses the other guy as a provider...is this what you want...
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    during sex 180? What happened? what next?

    haha easy to say metaphysical but my inner game is great. I have my life set up where I meet dozens of girls a week,,in terms of approach i'm bang on, numbers, dates, **** closing - bang on. This girl is very attracted to who I am, I live a busy and interesting life with parallels to hers and...
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    Updated: Confess my love?

    wow - i'm having a similar situation but its compressed into 2 months and for different circumstances..girl just out of very very serious relationship..still a head **** never the less. does she see you as a seducer and not as a husband/provider? As in are you very different form the usual...
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    during sex 180? What happened? what next?

    Hi guys,.the quick story is.. I've been gaming this HB9 for the last 3 months. talked a lot, caught up seldom but high quality time when we have as she's been getting out of a rel'ship and I've slept with her on numerous occasions. her ex is obsessive and won't leave her alone. I'm playing...
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    Bizarre Experience with Online Dating chick

    I would say it could have been any one of a number of factors. Truth is you will never know. If you are worried about your weight get on a diet, do some cardio join a gym. If you think its your voice, do voice training. inner game seems to be the underlying issue here. think about this. what...
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    So really, what's keeping me from getting laid?

    just stick with it, read the dj bible, it pointless asking for advice here when you haven't read it and read it again and again. Over time you'll go from getting numbers easy, to getting dates easy but getting flaked on, to getting dates and kiss closing and not getting a followup to getting a...
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    quick phone question, hopefully quick answer?

    call her when you're in the best phone mind frame. warm up talking to some mates who are full of energy and you really click with then call your girls for the week. I think your energy and so on are more important than any timing. just another quick note - I wouldn't call the next day though...
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    is she interested?

    just assume she is chat to her, get her number or hang out at a party, push-pull. build attraction. simple. but most likely she is if she is giving you attention.
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    What Next?

    from my experience if you don't want to go down the dating path, don't speak everyday, be busy catch up say once a week. At a party then back to yours escalate or say . it is sometimes hard to go back but in your situation I am sure its not too late. just be honest, say its early in the...
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    detach from outcome call back a week later, if no answer, call back a week later, then again in a couple of weeks. you don't know her circumstances. I've had this numerous times and there are a million reasons for it. Usually what you'll find is (assuming you interpreted the situation...
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    When a girl

    The highest quality girls I've been with generally flake and seem to think its acceptable behaviour because guys condition them to time and time again. They flake - guy begs for a rain check so they don't seem to see it as a big deal. In terms of interest levels there is obviously something...