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    One of the most important posts ever!

    100% agree here. Flattery, and especially the flattery of being pursued by a girl, even one you might not entirely have though to puruse on your own, can be the death knell for the requisite aloofness of maintaining attraction. Surprisingly powerful when you've never experienced it before to...
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    Flattery/Charm and its correlation with crazy

    It's nice to read someone else write what's gone through my head. It's a shame that there's so much of this these days. I do think American culture turns it out at a very high rate.
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    Flattery/Charm and its correlation with crazy

    I don't really know that she was any sort of cluster b. That's probably just a defense mechanism on my part honestly. Easier to believe you were burned by someone of lower value with a problem than someone you'd genuinely be interested in. That said, be very wary of allowing it to go to your...
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    Flattery/Charm and its correlation with crazy

    Slowly relearning or perhaps just learning the full range of possibility. Definitely hoodwinked this time. I never really let myself appear more interested than her, but her apparently extreme levels of interest gave a pretty wide range of possibility to my behavior, and I'd have to guess that I...
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    Flattery/Charm and its correlation with crazy

    Can anyone move this to mature btw? It shouldn't be in married man. It doesn't look like I can do it myself.
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    Flattery/Charm and its correlation with crazy

    I can't argue with you. Nicely burned, but lesson learned I hope. How do you define having done anything for her btw?
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    NC for over 2 months, got a text yesterday

    Are there other opinions on this? Has this been beaten to death in another post? It seems rather black/white in a world that's mostly gray. I've seen one girl flip back into feelings mode, but at the time I could truly care less and didn't pursue. Granted, that was once out of however many...
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    Flattery/Charm and its correlation with crazy

    I have this in the wrong forum, should be Mature not Married...
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    Flattery/Charm and its correlation with crazy

    I had a situation that really caught me off guard recently. I went out with a girl for three dates with a decent amount of physical play, essentially everything up sex. I've never felt that someone was so into me, and I'm not usually terrible at reading people. There was lots of 'magical' and...
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    The Current 3 types I see out there

    New York City seems like it should be a wonderful place to date, but 75% don't even stay in decent shape right off the bat. Cut out the hyper-aggressive types and throw in the standard inflation of self-worth from online dating and general pandering and it's tough to find anyone under 30 that is...