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    Walking Away even after being dumped?

    I'd say it's generally a power move, even if you're the one that's getting dumped. Though it is better to be the one saying 'I'm done'. It's not so much the act of who does the dumping . It comes down to how you handle yourself during and after the breakup. If you suck up to her, or cry, trying...
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    Crazy FR and disrespect shown. Not tolerating it.

    I think this might be simpler than it may seem, and I think it comes down to the old lesson of building attraction and comfort. This girl, you’re meeting for the first time in person. She’s clearly attracted to you, having stepped outside her own set boundaries of meeting in public first, and...
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    Got ghosted by the same girl twice in 2 weeks

    Just fyi, where I got that from. https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/banged-2-girls-in-her-bed-am-i-ok.253738/page-2 I would advise to think more with your head on this, rather than your heart. I don't think you guys have any level of trust with each other, which as corny as it sounds...
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    Got ghosted by the same girl twice in 2 weeks

    I must have missed something because I thought you ‘loved’ Sara and you two decided that you were giving it a shot? Then couple weeks later there’s these couple of chicks you’re banging just around the corner from her, all not so really subtly. Seems like a bunch of pointless drama... I’d say...
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    How do you guys overcome all the obstacles?

    Why don't you check out these two threads. Guy has the same problems and thoughts as you - lots of quality advice there. https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/i-went-out-to-a-little-house-party-tonight.253590/...
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    If you're not both lean and muscular, you're greatly underachieving your looks potential

    I used to be around the same weight at that age. Probably around 130-135 lbs. Had about the same level of appetite as well my entire childhood. When I joined the military at 20, I was 126 lbs. After basic training, 14 weeks of it, I weighed 151 lbs. Haven't gone back down below that since...
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    I met that Armenian girl in NY

    Who knows and yes. Just go for it. You’re better off giving it a shot and finding out, rather than wonder for the rest of your life. She’s your 10/10 right? Then go for it.
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    Going back to work with a woman I dated whose rejection devastated me?

    Considering that the event ‘devastated’ you, I wouldn’t think of it as ‘why let her stop me from doing the job I want’. Rather I’d think, ‘what can I do to preserve my sanity and mental wellbeing?’. You may think that you’re over her, that you can handle being around her fine. But seeing her in...
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    Can’t tell if she wants me back advice needed

    Yup, I agree with what the other guys are saying. Here’s what I do in these situations. I ask ‘is she working towards me, or against me?’. You gave her the opportunity to talk about it, actually communicate on the issue. What did she do?... she dismissed you on it. She could have grabbed that...
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    Banged 2 girls in her bed - am I ok?

    I anticipate even more drama unfolding from this. Keep us updated :p
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    ME AGAIN! Question about a past ghoster

    Who knows... we'd need more info or leads than 'She ghosted me, and I never heard anything about her again'. Could have snapped mentally, could have moved elsewhere, could be in jail/mental hospital. Could be worse case scenario too (death). I'd say she ran away to a different city but there's...
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    Bpd ex has ****ed me up

    Having been there, I know what it's like to be wondering about that same question. In my perspective, it was a matter of hoping that they do come back, if only for the opportunity to shut them down. That's what I would openly think. But I think it was more about that sense of approval or...
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    I Hate That Term "Gym Freak"

    I'd opinion that those using 'gym freak' as a negative/insult are merely jealous. It takes quite a bit of dedication and effort to continuously hit the gym and keep in shape. Mostly though I'd take the term gym freak as a positive or compliment. I think most people consider those that go to the...
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    Would this be considered acceptable??

    Go for it. She seems to be showing interest in you beyond the interaction for the sale, right? As long as you establish it forward as outside of your job, it’s fine I think.
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    Are attention *****s unstable/filled with issues

    I’ve generalized it to being this. The faster that it appears she’s falling into you, is the exact same rate she can (and will) fall out of it. This doesn’t apply everywhere, but for those girls that seem super into you, super fast - watch out. She’ll vanish just as fast onto someone or...
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    Long distance gf

    I like how she was against the idea of an open relationship, yet she has no problem going ahead with pursuing and doing it anyway. She willfully violated the agreement between you two (that you both would not see others and remain committed). Not necessarily great if it was going on above board...
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    Keep trying or NEXT?

    ^^ Him asking her out. It's a bit funny because he did pretty much as you suggested. "You ask her out for a specific day and time. "Hey <name>. Let's grab a drink Tuesday at 8 pm. Can you make it?" The idea is that her response will give a good gauge of her interest in meeting. But that's in...
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    Keep trying or NEXT?

    Don't worry, girls will always attempt to make you out as the bad guy. Even if it's entirely hypocritical, with her having recently done the exact same thing. I'd leave it as is for now... with no response. She sounds pretty flaky. You could send some bs excuse back (like I've been busy), and...
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    She told me she's pregnant. I'm ignoring her.

    This thread is retarded. OP dumps his *** inside his gf for months without a condom. Is surprised when she comes back with a pregnancy test. Runs away like he doesn’t understand how that could happen. ‘Someone else must have made her pregnant!’ - despite that if she was either on or off birth...
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    This absolutely baffles me about dating

    Bigdave is 100% a troll to me now. Remaking the same thread topics to be pushing the same complaints and arguments for a year now. More whining. Zero progress.