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    What kind of board is this (has become)?

    I just want it (sex) to be easy. I want it to be a choice as simple as whether I'll go tot he movies that night. I'd actually prefer a long-term relationship with a woman who has a high-libido. The main thing is, you have to go through several women to find them naturally.
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    Black Couples Never Hold Hands???

    Yes we hold hands. Jeesh. Just because one couple was getting teased for being too sugary sweet, doesn't mean that you can generalize that to an entire race across all age groups.
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    first time having sex: How do you make it not suck

    If it's your first time, it's really more important that you just get that first solid lay. it does so much for your confidence (the first time) that you can worry about technique later. If you do want to last a little while, try practicing masterbating for periods of time of like 30-40...
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    Online profile of a FEMALE AFC!

    Did you read her profile? She's a mormon. It probably scared all of them away. If not, she probably gave off prude signals.
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    Pretending to be happy

    I've been doing something a little different for me at work lately... . . I've been pretending to be happy. The reason I did this is because I got the idea that if people didn't see my negative emotions, I might be able to go farther. Well actually, it seems to be working. In a way, it's...
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    Elena Solomon

    I've got ahold of her materials. I'll post a review in another thread.
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    "Magic Pill To Women, And Why This Site Won't Get You The Amount of Women You Want"

    If that's the case, then there's no point in learning any technique. Why aren't the women for whom I am "right" for beating my door down to get in? What really happened is I learned to approach woman, to hold back a little, and take the appropriate risks that led to me getting laid. If...
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    This b1tch Is Scary!

    Where's the video? I go to that site and all I see is a web page and some comments.
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    HOT girl different religion

    Watch out for oneitis, buddy. My experience with religious women: 1) determine if they're serious or just socially religious 2) if they're serious, move on. If they're just socially religious, you have a chance.
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    Girls who mention sexual abuse

    I had a woman tell me a rape story. I didn't pursue her. My feeling is that a woman with a rape story might be inclined to have a varying definition of consent, and that's a risk I wouldn't want to take.
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    Elena Solomon

    I haven't seen her stuff, but I'm considering it, since her stuff is a sponsoring site. 12 Simple Rules There is, of course the rule that you shouldn't take relationship advice from a woman. I'd hope that her method is objective enough to get past the biases women bring that prevents them...
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    ADD pills to help you study for finals

    I think the reality is that Adderall, Ritalin, and Concentra are just performance-enhancing drugs, like steroids are for sports. It's interesting they don't regulate that they way they do sporting medications. Think about it--the guy sitting next to you taking the SAT might be getting a...
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    Not much time

    I'm 31, and I'm feeling a little rushed. DJ theory says that weshould make ourselves better, but I don't think I really have much time to improve myself more. if I'm 40 years old when I end up "good enough" for the women I want, what good does that do me? I am dating and having sex, but the...
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    Beauty and the Geek!

    2 things: 1. Those guys aren't losers; they're successful in other areas, far more than average, but very weak socially. A loser can't get anything together. And often, losers still manage to get laid--see Jerry Springer if you're not sure on this. 2. If you've seen Melinda Gates, she's a...
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    Much simpler nice guy theory

    The prevailing "nice guy" theory is that women like jerks and hate nice guys because jerks are somehow exciting. Right--I don't see us getting worked up over stanky jezebel hos. I think it's simpler than that. Like attracts like. The women that like jerks the most tend to be the...
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    woman thinks men have the power

    this is a quote from a post at loveshack: It's at http://www.loveshack.org/forums/t15970/ if you want to see the original post. Why would this woman think this is so? The way we see it, getting women regularly requires a lot of training before the power equation is reversed.
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    you cannot LJBF a girl

    You need to read some of the material about women's sexuality. Women do want sex, sometimes desperately. If you're ever unsure of this, go into the bookstore, and look at all the romance novels, which are typically the high sellers. Women are less worried about getting sex because of the...
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    Golden Globe clip Sums Up What Is Wrong With Hollywood

    One more thing about rapport. (Pronounced "rappore"). Some people will tell you not to do it, that it will put you in the friend zone. That's technically true, but the seasoned pickup artists, (mystery, derek vitalio, etc) will tell you that you DO need to establish rapport, ie, comfort...
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    Golden Globe clip Sums Up What Is Wrong With Hollywood

    You're taking it the comment too seriously. The reason the gay guy was able to do it was because he developed rapport with the woman. In rapport, there are a lot of things you can do, which is the key to sales and seduction. Note that she was surprised, but she was taking it in stride...
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    Beauty and the Geek!

    Hey, Are those women really that stupid? I think they have to be faking it somehow. MackJr