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  1. J

    Do women like to be dominated?

    Being aggressive turns on alot of females. And yes aggressive alpha males do lead females. Again I know beautiful females that describe an alpha male as a man who is not afraid of women, and he goes for what he wants. He does what he wants without fear of offending her. To them this is...
  2. J

    Dealing with rudeness

    She's sh!t testing you. What she's trying to do is take away your lead and she start leading the conversation. How you deal with this sh!t test is when she tries to interrupt you, listen to what she says then say "anyway, back to what I was talking about" without giving her topic any...
  3. J

    Are hickey's good or bad for your game?

    look I'm 30+ I have 3 **** buddies one is an 18yo cheerleader, another a 21 yo marketer, and a 23 yo counselor. I get hickeys from all of them and when I cold approach I get good reactions from other females, but to be fair some of them will kinda brush you off. You just have to remember...
  4. J

    Confident persistence

    No way! Allen Thompson knows about women and the mind set guys should be in. You need to be persistent but playful. Don't get obsessed. Women will test to see how strong of a man you are. What turns them on is when a guy knows how to talk and stimulate their minds/emotion. This is foreplay...
  5. J

    want my girl back!

    there is maybe one last chance that will reignite her attraction for you, but it's a long shot since it's already been 4 months since the break up. The only chance is to make her jealous. If you got her on a social network, make sure she sees a picture of you and a girl together happy. Make...
  6. J

    offering her hand

    next time a female does that to you grab her hand hold it and say she looks like a dancer and spin her around. Play with her and kino kino kino always
  7. J

    I would like to share an advice with you

    well I am messing with a cute teen at my job, and I'm old enough to be her father. lol when she started we went out to lunch together, she'd always eat from my plate, bite from the same meat that I just bit from, share the same drink. etc. so I decided I was gonna escalate. In the break...
  8. J

    Is being talkative more important than good looks?

    I believe we're called introverts. I still have this problem even today, but I'm a very good communicator when I have to be. The way I would go about solving my "quietness" around females is by imitating my friends. Whenever I see my friends being talkative and playful with a female, it...
  9. J

    Is being talkative more important than good looks?

    I had this problem my whole life. lol Since I was a kid a lot of girls would crush on me and admire me from afar, but I was to quiet. I would depend on my looks and yes initially their interest level would be high, I would easily get to start conversations with them, but after awhile I would...
  10. J

    Texting CREATES relationships

    texting works. Why do you think females like to read romance novels? it's porn to them. If you can play with them using words then you're in. Men usually fall by their eyes. Women usually fall by their ears, or what they read. How do you think the serpent seduced the first woman Eve? by...
  11. J

    Combating Neediness

    not necessarily, men and women have the same equal human nature, but they were endowed certain roles and have natural inclinations specific to each gender. Please listen to the lecture and be informed. It will help your "game".
  12. J

    How to be a real masculine man

    Everything today, needs to be considered with what happened in the Garden of Eden and how the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, has influenced how the sexes interact with each other in these times. This understanding will help to develop and prosper long healthy relationships. This lecture...
  13. J

    Combating Neediness

    I don't want to hijack this thread, but since it's relevant to attracting women and understanding the differences between the sexes I'll post one here on feminism: women and the natural order https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn3LzzZkK-s Everything regarding the human condition goes back to...
  14. J

    How to think under pressure?

    First of all the problem is you're being self conscious. In order to be witty and spontaneous you need to stay in the present moment. This way you won't be focused on the future (thinking about what your response will be) or in the past (what kind of negative reaction she did that'll make you...
  15. J

    Combating Neediness

    I just posted a thread with a lecture on "how to raise a man" which will expose the problems of this generation of "boys" that are well into there 40s and 50s. This "neediness" is the cause of effeminacy, the solution is building virtue. here's the link to my thread which has the link to the...
  16. J

    How to be a real masculine man

    as you said you stopped reading, and I'm sure you haven't even listened to the lecture. Don't be an ignoramus, educate yourself, and maybe then you'll get a girlfriend...
  17. J

    How to be a real masculine man

    I respectfully ask that you put aside your bias and take a listen to the lecture. 10 minutes into it, I'm sure you'll be nodding your head in agreement. Besides this is more about how to be attractive to females, it's helped my game immensely.
  18. J

    How to be a real masculine man

    it's about having virtues. This teaching also helps on conquering "oneitis". @backseatjuan fvck you feggit. think you some kind of pimp bwahahahah. You ain't shet lil girl. Listen to the lecture and grow some balls #fagboy bwahahahahahah
  19. J

    How to be a real masculine man

    I haven't posted for a long while, and I noticed that alot of these "gaming" techniques have already run it's course. Being ****y funny, faking being an Alpha male, money riches, etc. won't cut it, since almost the majority of guys have googled and ended up using the same techniques over and...
  20. J

    im not responsible and no one respects me

    I feel you bro...