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    Moving from text to phone calls

    So you're saying it's not my fault? It's nothing that I'm really doing that's keeping them from talking on the phone? Is it really just always the wrong girls?
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    Moving from text to phone calls

    Yeah, but I'd like to get them off texting and on the phone. They run away at the idea of talking on the phone. I'm not looking to chat with them all day, but even to set up dates, I'd rather do it over a phone call instead of text. Any time I mention calling them or telling them to call...
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    Moving from text to phone calls

    This is very irritating, but women these days seem to love texting over any other form of communication. I'll send a few messages and then try to get them on the phone to set something up, but I've found it extremely difficult to get them to either pick up or call me. How the f'ck do you guys...
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    Why is being a player seen as a good thing?

    I think the real question is, why would anyone see being a player as a bad thing? :confused: Captain55 If it were me, I wouldn't reply to this. This is definitely bait. She's aggravated and wants to pull you into it. Let it rock for now. If she really didn't want anything to do with you, she...
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    Bad oneitis cycle hard to stop

    I agree with Noobology. I see oneitis as insecurity. It isn't intentional, it's due to scarcity and dependency. When someone has oneitis, they depend on that person emotionally. If one is spinning plates, oneitis becomes much harder because scarcity is eliminated and dependency isn't on...
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    Why do woman take offence when asking them out in everyday situations???

    While not always the case, sometimes it's as simple as they don't want to talk to anyone. Some people take offense to being asked for the time in the street.
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    Why Do Exes Feel The Need to Reach Out to You After...

    I agree. It's the same on both sides. Which is why the standard relationship format is really ineffective.
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    Why Do Exes Feel The Need to Reach Out to You After...

    I never believed monogamy to be effective for this reason alone. It doesn't matter how suave a guy is, it's impossible for women not to be interested in other guys. They may not do anything, but they'll be interested. It's like sticking to one food. Even if Gordon Ramsay himself cooks you beef...
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    They are right, once they open their legs they lose half of their value

    That makes sense. Sex is the prize, once you get it, you feel like you already won in most cases. So the cat and mouse is reversed. Good stuff!
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    So the HOT teacher is hitting on you....Would you?

    Yeah, it seems like these teachers get exposed pretty easily. I guess it's that hard for students to keep their mouth shut about such an achievement. Yeah, it seems like a win win for the student. Mauser 96 bought up an interesting point though. I wouldn't imagine such negatives on his part...
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    So the HOT teacher is hitting on you....Would you?

    How do you guys personally feel about getting involved with teachers? I recently read this article about teachers sleeping with students and quoted it in my own blog. I've been a member of the sosuave community since high school, but I've never given this any thought until how. I'm...
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    Bad headaches/migraines after track practice

    Are you able to breath clearly? Lack of oxygen is usually the culprit. Lack of water or air. It seems like you're drinking well. Lack of minerals (sodium, magnesium, potassium) is another possibility. Finally, if you're not eating enough. Not enough fuel can cause that as well.
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    everyone, if you had one peice of advice to pass on to someone about women...

    NEVER move in with them and NEVER get married. Oh, and give them space.
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    Cutting the fat

    In my experience. The only way I was able to achieve my lowest BFP ever was going very low carb/ketogentic. Doing it properly is very important or else it'll effect energy levels, etc.
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    Persistence Hunt: Running for meat.

    I can't see how they know in the video how we hunted animals back then. I'd think it would be easier for pre-weapon humans to scavenge. Or chase away a tired predator after a long hunt to steal their prey. Using intelligence, that would be the most efficient way to get nutrient dense food. Until...
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    Ways to Increase Actual and Perceived Value

    While I agree that women are into the whole superficiality, I think it's a deeper issue. It's a social disorder. All this crap they're pumped with since childhood. Princesses, runway models and fvckin make up commercials can really excite little girls growing up to the point of obsession...
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    Is a big ego strictly necessary to be successful? If so how much?

    A big ego is usually correlated with success in general. Being successful doesn't mean having an ego, but most people who have an ego are successful, does that make sense?? Ego usually = confidence, but confidence doesn't always = ego. There's a saying. Science has no ego. Science is strictly...
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    Why do most MMA fighters look so average??

    MMA fighters do a lot of cario and "circuit" training. It's the old school method of building endurance. Strength training is the most effective way to increase strength AND endurance. The rest of our muscles aren't separate from the heart and lungs. I do boxing and punches take a lot of time...
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    can't get laid to save my life.

    Women don't do it intentionally. You have to remember how emotional they are. Most of the time, as much as I don't like to say this, they're victim's of their emotions. Your interpretation is them intentionally trying to hurt you. The passive-aggressive way of getting their point across combined...
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    Sigh. How do I fix this?

    How noticeable is your imbalance? Is it very noticeable to others or only to you because you're very conscious of it? Either way, one side of your body is more developed skill wise than the other which makes it more efficient at handling a load. So you may be able to lift the same weight, but...