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    Everything You Need To Know!

    This is the best advice I've read here in weeks.
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #3

    I'm a little behind on last weeks assignment, due to school priorities mostly, but I've got some more time to focus on the assignments this week. I just need some quick feedback. Where are most of you guys finding the most success initiating conversations with strangers? Often times I see a...
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    Need a search feature for the dj bible

    Where is the article about how to reply to Online Dating personals? Or how to reply to emails? If anybody could help me fine a link, I'd appreciated it.
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    This isn't really part of my exercise training, but this program reminded me of a semi-funny situation. I was walking across campus and I saw my best friend walking out the back entrance of the science building. I waved and said a loud hello to my best bud, while at the same time some old dude...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    People are so modest on my Christian campus. Many of them will simply look at the ground of ahead of them and not look up as they walk by, or only glace up at me briefly. So far my results are 2 occasions where I said "Hi" and made eye contact with women around campus. Both times they smiled...
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    Quick question for the mods...

    First of all let me say that I think you guys are doing a wonderful job of keeping the forums fun, relevant, and on-topic. It's your hard work that directly translates into the high activity around here among people who frequently post. I just wanted to know if one of my threads got deleted...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Course Description (class is now in session)

    I'm definitely in!! My only advice, and request, would be that I think your overall structure is sound and well thought out; however, it might help us to get a more well-rounded learning spectrum if you offer a few "guest lessons" from a few other master don juans. I know you're going to be...
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    How to "Close the Sale" 95% of the time and get that date!

    Right on! This is so true. I think this thread should be added to the Hall of Fame or the DJ Bible even. I'm so happy with this advice I'm going to try it out today. ------------------ "Hail to the King." Ash (Bruce Campbell) from Army of Darkness