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    Beginners guide to becoming WEALTHY

    I have begun building my credit history via credit cards so far, and will start venturing into bank loans very soon. One question--is it advantageous to add myself to an established person's credit cards in order to have even better history? My credit score at the moment is 712 and it seems...
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    Beginners guide to becoming WEALTHY

    Thanks for taking the time for explaining your honest viewpoints on things. Great posts! I agree with many of the things in your last post . I guess the main point is this: What you expect vs. What you put in. A lot of people either put too much emphasis on the former, or too little...
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    Working out VS rating scales.

    I can tell you this-- it is a lot easier for you to get results in the gym if you have bigger motivations than simply vanity. Think of it as developing your discipline, building character, and setting goals. This will keep you motivated longer.
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    Beginners guide to becoming WEALTHY

    Str8up, I get your point However, in order to build wealth according to your philosophy, one needs some kind of spark, or be in the right place at the right time, and to have everything fall right into place (opportunities come your way, the possibility of failure and risk never seem to enter...
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    Beginners guide to becoming WEALTHY

    ST8UP and others, I am just wondering, what are your primary sources of income? I agree with the mindset and beliefs that you are promoting; however, I am not so sure about completly abadoning the traditional idea of working for a big company, getting promoted, and having a comfortable and...
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    Working out VS rating scales.

    I seriously doubt you are over the age of 14 .. Are you fking kidding me?
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    The Art of Small Talk

    Even if it doesn't fail.. I feel really uncomfortable doing it. Its not something I enjoy, and I dont like it. Its the one thing I hate most and is preventing me from meeting more new people. The occasions when it feels natural is when we click right away, but those are probably 1 in 10...
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    The Art of Small Talk

    Hi, I need serious help on small talk, be it during initial encounters, ice breakers, or situations where we are waiting in line, waiting for the bus, etc. For me, its a 50/50 thing. Either is it good or it is horrible. I feel that this limits my ability to meet new people and I only stay...
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    Help with body language

    The Body Language Project book sounds golden. Is this as good as the Book of Pook? I usually dont read/follow books too seriously but if it is as good as it sounds I am interested. :)
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    How to be a good Listener

    So... when she tells you about how badly something went last week and she clearly does not feel happy about it... I sometimes get uncomfortable because I want to keep everything upbeat. What would be the best in this situation? Just listen and not say anything? In the past I would try to give...
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    The Traps of Life

    Good Post. You seem enlightened. I agree with a lot of the points. You must have gone through some rough experiences to be able to get to this point in life when you realize all these things.
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    The Dreaded Anxiety Of Approach

    Be more of a man.. Be a man by focusing less on your appearance and more on your actions... As a male, your main advantage is that your actions have a greater influence in your life than for females who must rely more on their appearances I'm sure you're not bad looking.. but are you good...
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    Help- I am attracting fat chicks

    :crackup: I found the title extremely amusing for some reason... :crackup: ":crackup: Help!! I'm attracting fat chicks!"
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    Nice Places to Hang Out

    second year university students. Metaphysical-- I know what you mean about hobby activities, but I honestly don't know her interests. Or does that even matter that much as long as I am passionate about it? I really don't know
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    Nice Places to Hang Out

    Just met a girl. Small get to know each other dinner, no big deal, but then what? Honestly I dont know how I feel about this girl yet, but I don't want to seem boring. I am a total AFC in the formal dating department.. what to do.. etc .. What are some good suggestions for nice places to...
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    Fast Talker

    Unfortunately I am one. I hate slow talkers who have nothing to say. At the same time, I don't like how when I feel magnetized by an idea/emotion I feel like I have to say alot to get the entirely of the point across, and because of this I convey it extremely quickly so I don't let my dialouge...
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    About displaying mystery

    Ha.. does that really work? I do that naturally sometimes without knowing it until know.. but a lot of people don't seem to follow my train of thought so I have avoided doing it. Maybe I need to speak slower and more dramtic
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    at 27 - how exactly can i improve my goals in life?

    Thank you. Good post and the words flowed right into my conscious I realized this simple fact when I was younger and my sister was dating these type of guys. I think this is the internal masculinity aspect. Now if only I could work on my external actions and other weaknesses :cool: To OP, I...
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    I am ripped!!!! but CANNOT gain weight!

    I'm kinda like that too. Ironically I look more ripped when I take off my clothes because of low bf.. But Ive started working out seriously and notice its easier to pack on the muscles when you take a good shake like Muscle milk or cytogainer. I used to think supplements are for meatheats, but...
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    Chic With BF Wants to "hang out"

    Just prepared to take a lot of **** if you decide to do it.. you pay for your consequences like a man I know if I were the bf I would be pissed and go out of my way to get back at you in any way I can... So my advice is.. Watch out! And don't get angry if **** happens to you that complicates...