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    Pull up your seats,boys, the master is speaking....

    Thought I would bring this thread and myself back from the dead. A Don Juan classic for the newer people here to enjoy!
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    Lack of sex or lack of women is reason for most unhappiness in life...

    Was not my intention. But your comment about millionaires was misleading. First, I am a small time millionaire.(About 2 million) Most people with money don't advertise it. So unless their looking at your portfolio how are they going to know? You have a nice house, but once again most women...
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    Lack of sex or lack of women is reason for most unhappiness in life...

    As usual a lot of bullshiit here because people don't have the experience and just ASSUME certain things. 1) I've been miserable with and without a girlfriend. Look at the millions of divorces every year. A woman is not the key to happiness. Maybe the ideal woman is, but you need to...
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    If you had a million dollars...

    Wow, almost no useful information here. I live in NJ. You have no clue about this state or other high income areas it would appear. See my original post for accurate information.
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    If you had a million dollars...

    Are you serious? Have you thought about inflation? Property taxes are $9000 per year for a 3 bedroom where I live Are you going to have girlfriend or wife? How about putting kids through college? Health Insurance for a family plan with a cheap HMO is almost $15,000 per year and that...
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    If you had a million dollars...

    I have a million dollars and it's not a big deal. You keep working and save more. Life is long and living where I live is very expensive. A million dollars is not what it use to be.
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    History of The Universe

    Science does not know the answer to "everything" and never will. If your happy with the "God did it" answers you might as well drop out of school because you already have your answer to everything. No intelligence or education is needed. Just like the stone age.
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    History of The Universe

    The universe is pretty facinating. It's a shame with all the advances we've made with science and our own educational systems that "God" is given as evidence for scientific discussions. There is no scientific evidence that "God" exists. A thousand years ago God was given as the explanation...
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    The "obesity epidemic" is bogus

    Trudeau is a convicted felon. He is full of shiit and his books are total crap. Stay away from that guy.
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    The HB7 next door

    Have fun, go for it. The worst that can happen is she kills you and you end up in the newspaper the following day.
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    How to convert a girl who wont give a BJ?

    LOL:crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    Convincing your girlfriend to do anal

    Urine??? What the hell do you do with urine. That's kind of gross IMO.
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    Bruce Springsteen is a bum!

    How can you "accidently" shoot someone 41 times? Bruce was spot on. Like everywhere else, the NYPD has some bad apples too.
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    Bruce Springsteen is a bum!

    Bruce is great and a very nice guy as well. One of the nicest customers I've worked with. Just because you don't like his political views doesn't make him a bum.
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    older women and porn?

    None of the girls I have dated have liked porn. But i'm sure their out there.
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    Talking About God is NOT Religious.

    You left out ALL the fiscal issues. Fiscal/conservative social/liberal although their are grey areas
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    Talking About God is NOT Religious.

    Actually, I'm a business owner so you've got me all wrong. I'm quite, middle of the road. In the scientific community, theories are based on facts. Their are no facts to creationism, so it doesn't qualify as a theory in the scientific community. BTW, I love you too.:flowers:
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    Talking About God is NOT Religious.

    If God exists, he couldn't possibly blame his own creation for not believeing in him, when he spends all his time hiding from the world. Unless, he is a fire breathing evil God. Besides how can you burn in hell if your body is rotting in the ground?:rolleyes:
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    Talking About God is NOT Religious.

    Things that have 0% chance of being true a) The earth is only 6000 years old 2) Dinasours lived with humans 4400 years ago when a flood and all life was destroyed on earth except for some dude, his family and 2 pairs of all species alive. (God was really pissed, imagine a God that get's...