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    Is it right to judge a girl for "being a slut?"

    In my small window of experience, if you keep hearing about different exes, or many guys that have obviously done her are floating around, then you know she is a slut. If she constantly defends a girl for sleeping with different guys, then you know she is a slut. If she is obsessed with any kind...
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    The smoothest thing you ever said to a woman!

    I was with one of my best friends last night, told me this great line he uses, with a typical situation -He was at a house party -Flirting/Drinking with this other girl -She was flirting, but acting standoffish everytime he suggested they go somewhere -He finally said "look how drunk you...
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    Is it right to judge a girl for "being a slut?"

    1. A promiscuous woman has a higher chance of cheating/leaving, so I'm not going to invest much, if at all into her. 2. A promiscuous woman who has given it up to multiple people is a turn off, because if I am putting in any effort to be with her, it feels wasted if other guys have banged her...
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    I just got hit by a bullet.

    My sympathies, but just stop talking to her. My girlfriend left her facebook up on my computer and then I saw one of her many male friends talking to her about how they drunk cuddled and he was touching her ass. It was pretty hardcore flirting. She wasn't even apologetic about it or mad at...
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    The Neg Hit That Comes Outta Nowhere

    I do that all the time, I'm an ******* introvert so an off-guard comment like that is quite helpful. It's all about delivery though, because the way I read your example, it sounded retarded.
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    What's the biggest age difference you've had?

    Being 19 right now...I hooked up with a girl that said she was 16, but my friend told me later she was 14. Felt gross afterwards
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    Everybody Has Natural Game (Important Point People Forget About)

    Very true. Didn't think of this before you explained it. The first girlfriend I ever had was someone I didn't even pursue. I wasn't attracted to her at first even, but when she became kinky as **** I went for it. Dated for over a year, all because I didn't initially like her. If she's fit...
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    does the game change after you've already had sex with a girl?

    Why would you care? You already nailed her. She's pretty much conquered territory.
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    What do i do about my ex?

    Very small personal experience: Dated a girl 16-17...a bit over a year. She lost attraction for me, I realized it, called her on it (foolishly), she denied it then ended up cheating on me. Instead of groveling, pleading, fighting, I just cut all contact with her and avoided her like the...
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    Think Like a Pirate

    I was about to say... Real pirates probably practiced sodomy :kick:
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    Got her number, what to text?

    My very first high school girlfriend, I remember I first texted her: me: "hey guess who this is" her: "[double x]? me: "no it's [creepy guy who always tried to talk to her and we laughed about it]" her: "wait is it really???" me: "ha just kidding it's [double x]" her: "omg! haha you scared me!"...
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    Women are *****es!

    So what? I'd rather have the potential to be great, or fail, than have a set path for life. There is no excuse if I **** it up - but women can just whine about their looks. That line of thinking always sounds like someone who doesn't like a challenge and would like an easy life.
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    She's gotten boring, and stopped chasing,as if she's won me over. How do fix this?

    Also interested in what one should do. Although I predict the answer may be pumpndump...I normally just start interacting with more women and if I get that bored with girlfriend, date someone else.
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    Women are *****es!

    That made me cringe. I'd hate to be successful/loved only because I was pretty. I love the fact that men can effectively control their own destinies, and feel bad for women who are (usually ) pigeon-holed into certain brackets based on their genetics. Saying something like 'I wish I didn't...
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    Is there any advantages to having female friends?

    I'm friends with a girl that I used have hots for, then I found a better girl and she got a boyfriend so we are just friends now. I wouldn't be friends with her if she was annoying or uninteresting. We share music, play stupid board games together, and she is insanely loyal. Her boyfriend got...
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    Fifteen Lessons

    Pook, the exchange between a messiah-like teacher and young man, plus the intensity of your writing, makes the story rather Nietzsche-esque. I loved it.
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    If only I knew

    My high school successes were because when I didn't give two ****s about anyone, I flirted for my own amusement, regardless if I was attracted to them or not. Basically I treated all girls as though they were ugly - I guess it made a lot of them like me. I was too stupid to capitalize on it...
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    how long do you guys have sex for?

    I'd like to have actual sex longer, but when my girlfriend get's off (with 10-15 minutes usually) she says 'do what ever you want to me' and I just rail her at light speed until I *** which takes about 5 minutes. My girlfriend said she doesn't enjoy sex much after she finishes. Foreplay is...
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    Damnit ... silver

    My economics teacher laughed when someone asked about buying gold or silver. I don't know much about stock trading, but I'd stay away. If you really want to invest, research biotech companies or other businesses in rapidly increasing fields. My dad made a killing off of Baidu, the 'chinese...
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    The nudist lifestyle: all about freedom, not sex? Right.

    In the Victorian age, Britain promoted modesty to in an effort to increase sexuality. It sounds backwards, but staying clothed for most of the time means when you are both naked, there are truly sparks flying.