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    Get Bored of Girls Easily

    I'm the same way and I really don't know how to fix it.
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    Need Help WIth a Math Paper

    I didn't deal with probability until I took a course called Intro to Logic my freshman year.
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    Need Help WIth a Math Paper

    http://saliu.com/theory-of-probability.html http://www.businessbookmall.com/Statistics%20Formula%20Review%202.pdf
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    How do I get into college?

    Exactly. Bachelors degrees don't mean as much now a days.
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    How do I get into college?

    I got into college with my 70 out of 77 rank, a 2.3 GPA, a 22 on my ACT and nothing to write down in extra curricular activities. Now I'm in the 25th best business school in the nation and I hope to be applying to HBS in a year. I like to set my goals pretty high. Trust me it isn't easy...
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    lack of a decent wing is ruining my game :(

    I've never had a wing. I like to do things on my own whenever I can.
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    Father Laid Off

    I'm not saying CCs are bad, but you can't tell me most of the people on your list use the knowledge they received from a community college. Most of these people seem like they were born with the skills needed to get where they are, or were. CCs seem like a joke to me. I have quite a few...
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    Father Laid Off

    ..I hope you're not saying the kids going to a CC are the ones better off..
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    Winter Hats

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    she called out my bluff i DLV'd can i save myself?

    Stop talking to her. If she asks you where you've been then she is interested. And when you reply to that text don't say "just chillin or sitting around" you've been doing stuff, lots of stuff.
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    Father Laid Off

    Why don't you work yourself? Apply for every scholarship you can find. Fill out your FAFSA. Since your dad is unemployed the government might help you. Goto www.Fastweb.com.
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    Well, I fvcked up...

    "Just do it" remember those words.
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    nice guy with hot, experience older girl(Do nice guys always lose?)

    Also, I think being too nice isn't the problem. It's just that being too nice shows you lack confidence that she likes you. And if you've ever read these boards before you would know confidence is #1.
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    nice guy with hot, experience older girl(Do nice guys always lose?)

    "nice" doesn't seem like the correct term. It's more like "obsessive/needy" instead of nice. Being a gentleman is seen as nice and appreciated by the ladies. So be nice but not needy, there is a fine line between those two. Just don't try too hard to make her like you, she'll notice and think...
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    hot chicks without makeup

    I agree. Most of the non-makeup pictures were bad shots. I'm sure they don't look that bad in person without makeup.
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    Building a website.

    That's a good idea. I'm mainly concerned with the graphics of it all. I found a template I like on templatemonster.com for $62 I think I'm just going to buy it.
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    Building a website.

    I was thinking about buying a professionally made template.
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    Building a website.

    Alright thanks.
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    Building a website.

    Alright I've recently decided to make a website, but I don't know squat about building one. I have no experience in HTML, no experience in graphic design and I'm really not sure where to even begin. I also don't have the money to hire someone else to do it for me. So my question is, what are the...