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    How to become more sexual

    How to become more sexual? First of all learn to quit being sooo desperate! 1. Be cool :cool: not :nervous: relax, fool, nobody is going to kill you! 2.stop checking out girls! Let them check YOU out. If you're "getting laid" left and right will you even have your eyes DART around to spot...
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    I finally got some answers and understand why I get rejected

    It seems to me you're beating around the bush, and see how it's a pattern? STOP. Take charge. What do you want from them? You wanna "joke around"? Or to get to business- "bend over!" Don't be soft, never let that go, cuz the moment you do, you're dead meat for them, another one that bites the...
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    So I asked that girl out.

    bs. girls can jump from one relationship to another if they want to dont ASK! DO! just do sh!t .instel you should have told her, "hey, come here and sit next to me!" loosen up buddy, you seem to me to be too uptight... have fun!
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    Ten Rules for Virgin Living

    now for dj living do the opposite within reason!
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    Tired of this **** 36 number closes today. YEAH THATS RIGHT

    hell yeah mexico is becoming more like the us now brands in english people no what wtf means pussi bytch cant mutter slang or curses in english anymore hell I work for t mobile call center the world is america copy china isa the most populous english speaking country in the world
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    Girls who seem interested but are actually naively nice?

    Lol my best friend asked ME last night whether I liked her and I told her I love her as a friend max its easy to be sexual stop being afraid to be "creepy" be a man look deep into her eyes dont be nervous around her
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    Being a nerd

    Mmmm its conflicting your posts you want a change without changing I see you want to stop being labeled as a nerd stop calling Yourself that because others will say it in my case people have told me that their first impression was me as a nerd geek whatever but once they get to know me they see...
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    Integrate your sexual aggression

    This is the biggest lesson to be learned guys ever hear the phrase 2 b comfortable in your own skin? This.
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    Looks do count

    how you percieve yourself counts. ive known very handsome deuchebags that have gotten nilch and some fat dudes with some awesome dj skillz....its you my friend....
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    Single moms

    ohhh yes, they come in hoards at work now...:eek: stay away form them there is one that actually i gamed bcs she was just so yummy...but heel no man the wyhore around so a sucker will fall and maintain their mistak-i mean children:) they are a nono if youre smart
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    ego as in having an arrogant aura aronud you? yes, people are turned off bythat its good to be proud of yourslef, not full of yourself thats why i hate PC HBs, arrogance...i go for more "huble" chicks (ironic huh?:D )
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    What is your idea of an HB?

    ya see? beauty is in th eyes of the beholder.... YOU. go for what you like....me and my buds always differ on hotness, go for what you like
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    this is the best thread in this forum :up:
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    Stripper seduction tips!

    Good post man. personally, Ive never been to a strip club (even though here in Guadalajara its strip club city, with some famous ones my buds have told me like: The Mens Club, DKClub, Candy´s etc. just to name a few) and the paradygm is to go and look at chicks and let loose the sexual...
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    No, no is it really not ok to react to not ignore a girl..

    Lesson from Pook: BE NOT CONTAINED BY FORMULA Play your own game, we´re here to give you pointers, help you out, but you must at least have the basics. heck, like i stated before, i do "AFC" things with staggering sucess, like asking permission, or them getting upset about them flaking, its...
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    How many of you think like me or similarly?

    Im only interested in flings right now after 28 (finishing masters degree) ill focus on findig the woman who is mature and responsible enough to live with me and raise OUR kids. ill make sure to keep the game on always instead of letting the marriage droop as most couples let that happen....ill...
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    Friend zone.. with a twist I'd say

    when i read this i made an epic NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!! you know that "feelings" and "clingyness" is a NO-NO. the prob is, she got used to you being around, every time she goes, you are always available for her (i know its the distance), so now she sees you as a trained puppy who will show her...
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    I know it's wrong to feel this way but the way women treat me makes me feel like ****

    Dude if your so confident about your looks, why not place a profile pic here and let us comment on it? i have one... look! i know that you know that you need to work hard on yourself, that you hace some serious problems to tackle, and you just posted this to vent all your frustration here...
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    To all of you asking advice here.

    i aproove of a sticky "Newbies must read beore post!" read Dj bible actually try to do something that the DJ bible says.. ect. the HS/Mature man section has stickies look at their posts, less repetitive, more original, and much more thought provoking...
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    Traits of men

    Decisiveness is: you taking charge and not hesitating anout desicions you make, and for that you must have true, deep convictions about yourself. thats the Tremendous Emotional Strength and Emotional Reserves...its you being true and confident about yourself, that when you make a decicion an...