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    13 Tips to becoming a DJ

    thanks guys for the feedback. by saying be yourself dun mean do stay status quo as you are now. the real meaning of be yourself is be true to yourself. and do wat your mind thinks!!! if you think u want to approach the gal, go approach. if you think its time to bed the gal on the...
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    13 Tips to becoming a DJ

    been out of this site for a while. i was looking at the past posts i had and thought this was interesting to share! Welcome Back MG69!!
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    Great New Look

    i do no tknow if you took up my suggestion to check out vbulletin or did it your self but anyway i think this is great!!! just s small suggestion. you could put a drop down box at the end of each section so that we can go to another section without having to go back to t the main page...
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    SEDUCTION: Your key to attraction!

    thats just great!
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    Your ABC's: Keeping a conversation fun!

    me : sure but u gotta pay for that. i accept cash and flesh.
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    Holy Sh*t.... we need new forums

    u guys really made me crack on a monday morning. those were some 'Great' forums u guys mentioned. my suggestion to add DJ Great Sex forum Advanced DJ forum DJ LTR forum
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    Alpha Males Have Their Heads Up Their Asses

    the latter is more like the DJ i am learnig to be.
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    Carry Yourself Like a Seducer

    RUN Forrest(AFC/Newbie) RUN!!!!!!!
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    reading between the lines (long)

    she feels insecure from wat i can interpret
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    13 Tips to becoming a DJ

    The whole thing i learnt about becoming a DJ since i cam to this site in January is that neither the nice guy nor the jerk is going to get anywhere. Realise the fact that not every women in the world will like you. and not every woman in the world will dislike you. Different guys appeal to...
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    True Traits of A ¡§DJ¡¨

    Rule #1 GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT i agree to a certain extent about this but i do not agree that DJ dun need woman. Its just thta we do not put them on the pedestal and make then the centre of our life. If u do not need woman, probably u will be better off as a gay. Rule #2 BE THE...
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    Is this relationship worthwhile?

    14) The women feel like a 'women' when with the guy and the man feel like a 'man' with the woman.
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    try this out next time you are out..

    i think this is a great idea. this is a good mind practice for all the newbies especially. this mindset will help budding DJs to be less needy and nervous.
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    Compatibility in an LTR

    well i agree totally with TND. when u are talking about LTR, physical attraction will play a relatively low role. the more important things will come in like personality, character and the value u feel of yourself when u are with him/her. and many times i have heard gal friends told me they...
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    How much $$$ do you spend on dates?

    IMHO, no matter the chick is a 5 or a 10 they are not worth more than a coffee date for the first time. so that will make it about 10-20 bucks at max. save your resources for the one who is in an exclusive relationship
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    DJ Boot Camp - Course Description (class is now in session)

    Hey Master of the Universe, i have a little suggestion to add to your course. we all know that we have to have confidence, control, being a challenge and humour to be a successful DJ. just wondering if u would like to add some more lessons on control, being a challenge and humour. i am...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    this series of DJ Boot Camp itself should have a devoted section in the DJ bible. Mod, wat do u say?
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    Learn the play the guitar!

    firstly, u do not bring your guitar around wherever u go. secondly, to women, guitar and romance do not link. thirdly, there isn't a stage everywhere for u to perform IMHO, learn guitar only if u have a personal interest in it. [This message has been edited by MG69 (edited 04-19-2002).]
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    First Date Kiss

    u are right. for asian women when u go for the kiss on the first date, they will think u have only sex on your mind and they will find u too aggressive