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    Eminem = Afc

    some of his songs r sick
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    Darkened State of Mind

    squirrals man. You really changed my life with your "why be urself means be urself" It was an amazing post and I am so grateful to give some advice back to you. I used to be in a dark state. Hated people and the world for what it is. How its unfair, how people are so selfish, ignorant, etc...
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    How are most guys confident on default?

    okay I got the answer. They work from an inner self and deep convictions and less on the outside world.
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    How are most guys confident on default?

    edit out!
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    Welcome back DJ board!

    we bacckk
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    I'm going to write a book, for all of you

    all the best man
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    This forum needs a reality check

    I honestly just read the Don Juan Tips forum. That in itself solved 90% of my problems. Im just trying to put it in practice these days..
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    Bay Area CA, Don Juan Meet!!!!!

    ill be in san jose when school ends in 2-3 weeks. I will be COMPLETELY free. Lets get this thing going...san francisco, san jose, whatever.
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    NEW Bootcamp Starting Friday 4/9 - Competition!

    keep it up guys. I'll join in for the next round. School is ending in 2-3 weeks so I will have toooonnnss of time
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    Traits of men

    wow thanks man. thats a great post. I totally understand. I am going to start doing that today onwards
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    Traits of men

    A thread in the Don juan tips about the warrior scroll came to the following that all men should possess: Decisiveness. Leadership Confidence Courage Tremendous Emotional Strength and Emotional Reserves Compassion Patience Resolve Direction Self Discipline I realized that in my stay on...
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    Be rich and ugly or handsome and poor: Which do women prefer?

    i'd be ugly and rich becuase if you are rich you can learn ANYTHING: science, medicine, how to cook, can travel anywhere, really BUILD your character, bulk up by getting the best supplments and get the best cooks to make all your meals, etc. After you do all this, you might be ugly face, but...
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    mystery method - solid start or will it ruin me?

    no no no no no no no. start with the DJ bible. Then read Pooks big threads. Then your done. DONE. go out and practice. THATS IT. dont waste your time like I did.
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    The truth

    yea yea. I know this man. its ingrained in my head that this is what I have to do to fix myself. But how do I become a man? you might think its a stupid question of course. Yea you can say somewhere inside you the real man is there: you have to go find it. butb It seems to much social...
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    26 Things Every Guy Should Know about Women!

    i don't get it lol. explain?
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    Sorry guys but I feel like I've given up. Just don't care anymore.

    Did not read the replies but Iv been through that phase so many times. Reread all of pooks big threads(securities vs. mistakes one, etc.) They always help. and always remember the following: You live with the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.0 "Hell is when you meet the person you...
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    Good Conversationalist

    i feel that its good to have that when you run out of things to say. But don't make the whole conversation threaded. You wont succeed. Been there done that. If anything, use the scripted stuff when you sense an awkward moment coming up(girl or you not talking for a few seconds).
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    Good Conversationalist

    care to share those 3-4 coversation books? I would really appreciate it. THanks.