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    Girlfriend in college

    She is a wh*re and doesn't respect you. She's been in a few gang-bangs by now I'm guessing.. Get rid of her.
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    Delusion vs Realism: Who knows it?

    This is all true. Why waste your time with a woman you had to convince and trick into liking you. Sounds like too much work for me.
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    Blunt women?

    Depends on what you like. I don't like girls who talk sh*t and disrespect me in front of others.
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    women and baggage

    There is a difference between resolved and unresolved baggage. It is not your job to resolve other people's bullsh*t. Tell her to let you know when she's made up her mind and dump her.
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    Interview with a natural PUA -- reframing your focus

    You're right, alot of guys would be better off not following all the goofy rules and overanalizing every minute detail. They'd be better of as beginners just sticking to one rule at first: BE DESIRELESS.
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    Pursuing another mans woman...?

    Nail her if she makes it easy for you but do not date this one. She will disrespect you like she's disrespecting her present boyfriend.
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    the " i have a boyfriend" line

    She's either a wh*re or she's just jerking you around.
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    a Trust Test

    Sounds like showing off to me. Kids stuff.
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    Persuing a business partner's daughter...what to do?

    Nail her but keep it on the down-low. If he's as important as you say he is having a f-buddy on the inside might be a good thing. She could influence his every choice concerning you. Plus keeping it "secret" is exciting for some women and makes the sex hotter.
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    SHould I take sloppy seconds

    Nail her but do not date her she is a hoe.
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    Need help and opinion.

    Advice: Do not be afraid of screwing things up. Go for it and reflect when something bad happens.
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    I think Im turning too

    Why would a wh*re like that waste her time on some guy who thinks he can dominate her. She's the one holding the cards not you. Why not milk the "geeky" guy for attention who can be played rather than someone like you. BTW you look at guys too much and you have a fragile ego-- you're not...
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    Interview with a natural PUA -- reframing your focus

    Good post I totally agree with this approach. I like to know the rules but refer to them when something significant comes up but rather than scripting my every move before hand. Plus, some things you just have to learn on your own or they have no meaning. Noone ever learned anything by making...
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    My ex is a nutter

    Hooker head-case. Get rid of her quickly she will only make you miserable.
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    I Left A Message

    Good message.
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    Using LJBF on her?

    It works but you have to flirt with them.
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    WTF is a wine & cheese party??

    An excuse to hook up with you. Go and then have sex with her.
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    sleepover but no sex ?!?!

    You got played like a fiddle. Either try and get some anyway or ignore her ass. Do not meet her half way.
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    Cell Phone vs. Home Phone

    I don't think it's worth making a big deal about. Some girls aren't at home alot so they give out their cell so you can be sure and reach them. If you find it's hard to get a hold of her then she's telling you something regardless. Alot of times girls will give me both numbers: this is...
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    Is it over or is she scared?

    You narked on yourself. It's over. Do not be her taxi service she already told you she didn't like you other than as a friend. Learn and move on.