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    IMPORTANT: Make sure your eyebrows stay level when you talk!!!

    Roger Moore was so ****ing cool.
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    no one is above you, no one can judge you....

    In fact I like to notice as a supplement to GWS's post; **** 'em all
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    Kill that desperation!

    Indifference is a killer... and not just for women. People hate it. [This message has been edited by bartender (edited 07-05-2002).]
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    Kissing - Tips and Tactics

    I need this. I'm still a lousy kisser. Thanks 9Breaker.
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    Can I ask you guys personal questions?

    Somehow I think this will work. Eating more frequent and eating red meat. I was looking for a reason to eat more meat than I already do (I always thought that men get titties from eating meat (yeah I know what that sounds like.)). Now I have one. Thanks DIESEL. I will definitely try these.
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    Can I ask you guys personal questions?

    How old are you? How horny are you? Often? Not so often? Never? What do you eat? Do you think you being horny somehow is dependent on what you eat? When are you at your most horny? What time? Before dinner? After breakfast? At night? I'm almost never horny. I wonder if it is because I only...
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    we need a master forum

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    The Mother of all Theory Posts

    Well SS has a lot of **** close. Ever noticed in the Discussion Forum how many people go "Man I can't do that yadayadaya..." This board still focuses on how to get a girl without being That's what I mean with jerky. trickynick sometimes it may sound like I don't understand what I'm talking...
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    The Mother of all Theory Posts

    Cool post Vatican. This SS style approach is too "jerky" for most of the people here but I like it.
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    How do become a master DJ?

    After a total of 108 posts (95 left for you) you'll become a Master Don Juan.
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    Allen, you need to ban StuartScott

    He must have been frustrated. He deserves a second chance. We can keep an eye on him. It sounds like he just did something wrong. We all do that sometimes. Everyone deserves a second chance. He hasn't commited a murder. Wyldfire you came up for me when a ban was suggested on me. Now...
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    Hey Allen recently there is an increase in the posting of sex related tips and questions. Now I know we have 'Anything Else' for these kinds of stuff but the sex related posts are becoming more and more. I also know that this website may have grown out of the proportions you had in mind into...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1