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    What to do to rescue a marriage

    Rollo Tomassi, funny stuff you wrote there. I really enjoyed reading it )) I would love to explain things a bit better, because you have been so kind )) I just have one general problem with your post and that is that you categories young married people as not mature. If you say that that...
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    What to do to rescue a marriage

    Hi, many of you know the "game" of dating, sex, getting to know women etc. and so do I due to this website and forum! That's why over time I got to know a really wonderful, beaufitful etc. woman who I married and moved together with. I live with her now for around 1 1/2 years in one small flat...
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    Anyone Want to start a DJ Bootcamp session after the new Year?

    Am I am definetly IN. I will start a new life because I decided to leave university (without diplom). My university had a very high level of difficulty and I just learned every day 6 hours PLUS university. That's why I don't have ANY friends anmore, my social skills are = 0, my body...
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    Going for one year to Russia -> chances? risks?

    Hi dj fellowers, here is my situation: Im a living since I was born in Germany and have finished school (abitur) now. In about 3 three weeks im going to Russia for one year for a kind of "civil service" where I help disabled people in a workshop. Due to different reasons I was not able...
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    The SMS thing gets on my nerves

    The damn SMS thing gets on my nerves. I have at the moment just 2 women who I date but unfortunetaly both of them have my mobile nummer . . . Women in general don't seem to have the courage to ring you (if you don't know them well) but they have guilty conscience about SMS you all the time ...
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    embarrassing approach

    just something to laugh about .. I talked to this chick in a club and she seemed to be nice and all. Even though I was relatively sure that she hadn'T many boyfriends in the past and she is kind of "desparetly" looking for one. Nevertheless I asked her at the beginng of the...
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    Going to a single night an sunday in a club

    For some this is surely true ... But I think that also some women come there to get to know somebody, don't they ? I mean there are single ladies out there who search a boy-friend or something, why shouldn't they go to a single party ?
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    Going to a single night an sunday in a club

    Hi fellowers, a friend and me are going to a club tomorrow. At this club the event "message party" is taking place which is something like a single Party: Everyone gets a number and you can write the number of the woman you like down, write her a message, the number of the chick is...
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    learn a new language!!!

    Yeah, that's probably right, even though I don't know too many people who were alive during WWII and lived in Communist East Germany ;) In general I think knowing a lot of cultures is even more important than to learn several languages. You get a different view of your own...
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    learn a new language!!!

    As a German I can tell you that this is bullsh*t . Nobody I know has more than once made a sarcastic joke or whatever about Russians. The time the Iraq war came and the Russian goverment and people were the same opinion as the German government and people the relationship and respect...
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    The Struggle of Conversation

    Great Post Nocturnal !! I have printed out this topic and added it to my personal "bible". I do understand bust.it's objections, but I really think that the real attitude is more important than single technics and methods. If you are confident (approaching her) and playfull (talking to...
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    Elminated my Desire !?

    thank you for your responses. I think I need to read some posts/texts where it's described or explained how you actually can have fun in approaching chicks and grow in these situations. Does anythink like this exist here ?
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    Elminated my Desire !?

    The main thesis here seems to be that missing confidence and fear are the reason for not approaching. But I have found out that (for me) another reason does play a more important role: I have no desire in approaching chicks in a particular moment I see an attractive woman and I think...
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    dealing with a girl that just got dumped...

    Me: Well it's best to distract from the old relation. Otherwise you can depressive and whiny. Let us go and have a coffee. Her: Well, as I have told you I have been in a serious relationship and I don'T want to start anything new .. (blabla) Me: I don't want to date you or anthing like...
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    Doc Love and "kino"

    If I do understand it rightly basically Doc Love ist saying on: http://www.sosuave.com/doclove/doc166.htm that kino is basically not a good idea on a date. But that's against all I have learned here and my expierences as well. I agree that kino likegrabbing a knee isn'T probably the best...
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    need help, for the probably BIGGEST BITC* EVER

    Thank you for your responses. Probably your right about that I should simply drop her but I really think I kind of like her (I know that kind of AFC thinking, but I can'T help). I also am pretty sure that she is no "real" bitc*" concerning that she sleeps with many men. Even though I...
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    need help, for the probably BIGGEST BITC* EVER

    over 50 views and no answer? Is this discussion not understandable? I have made some efford to express it easily but it'S difficult because it were sms ...
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    need help, for the probably BIGGEST BITC* EVER

    (pre-)story: - Moldavian (7.5/10) chick comes ot our home to visit my brother and stays at our house. - My brother said something to me at the beginning (after I asked him) that she isn'T his type - I have a kind of relationship with her without knowing that my brother and her...
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    Definition of a MAN

    Hi, I really don't get pook's comparisons. Can somebody explain this to me? Pook says: The definition for monad on http://www.wikipedia.org is: So monad is a symbol for unity (consisting of many parts), harmony, parts on which our earth exists? In another dictionary I found out...
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    52 Women had sex with me from the BEACH, Im only 23

    Perhaps you should advice a friend to "steal" your scateboard, or whatever you have given to the women. He should just grab it and run away, it would be fun seing the woman running after him .... Anyhow, when you come back the woman the woman is very sorry about this and you offer that she...