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    introverted men

    I think its not as black and white like that. I'm a mixture of the two, I love being by myself, I don't mind staying inside my room to write some poetry or play PES 2013 the whole weekend. Yet, on the other hand, unlike the popular misconception that introverts are socially awkward, I'm not, I...
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    Pook was a false prophet

    I don't need to know my Math's teacher personal life to realise he was the best teacher I've ever had. Same thing with Pook, he wasn't perfect by any means but then again, who is? I learnt a lot from him, especially about avoiding the Friendzone. His post "Ooh la la" or something like that is...
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    2 Problems, 1 Thread

    I don't know about the small town part but the 2nd problem is easy and hehe, without realising it, you actually answered yourself, go to school. Talk with her and get her number.
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    What I learned from high school - Advice for those in a rut

    Welcome back bra, never knew there was a fellow Mode One'er around, nice!
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    Nino-Tk's Journal of Women

    Missed out on a possible threesome on Saturday, remember Patricia? Well, she wanted to come with her buddy, Kamo. She wanted to come at about 1. I waited until 2 then I decided to go they gym. On my way back, I get a call from her saying she's on her way, its about 4pm and I tell her that my dad...
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    Need help with clinginess/neediness

    Ask yourself why you are needy? Are you afraid of losing her? You don't want to be single again? When in doubt, check you intentions. I don't count how many times I should call or text a girl, its irrelevant because I know I'm not clingy. So, figure out the reason why you are clingy. Play the...
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    Nino-Tk's Journal of Women

    Oh, yeah, now you put it more clearly bro. Well, I don't do dates in the traditional sense of going to a movie or grabbing lunch. My "dates" are back home. I'm pretty much straightforward, I reveal my sexual intentions within the first 5 minutes of talking, if she is down, we exchange...
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    Nino-Tk's Journal of Women

    Thanks bro, I presume when you say get it in, you mean the D right? In that case then I do what did yesterday, get the condom on and then put the D on her V and then just tell her to get in for me, and then she will navigate it using her hand, then bingo, its in. Hope that helped you man.
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    Apocolipto's path to becoming a ladies man =P

    Wait a minute, did I just see a rand sign? What!? Amazing! Apoco, are you from South Africa?
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    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    Haha! Sh*t! That sounds like a flippen epic night, you went in hard like a b*tch! High five my brother!
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    Nino-Tk's Journal of Women

    Hello my Dons. Well, as I may or may not have written but Butt was supposed to initially come on Tuesday, but she ended up flaking on me. Yesterday she told me she was gonna come today, she didn't flake. So, she came at about 1. We talked for quite some time, about her life, my life and...
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    This is such a noob question to ask, but...

    Yeah, I had that exact problem hit me when I was in school, feel like a DJ outside school but inside I felt less of a DJ, sometimes it would even be vice versa. I'm a direct guy so that meant I had to deal with the consequences of being in a small high school (less than 900 students.) So, I...
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    FantasPT Journal

    One of the greatest quotes I've read is "If you think you can kiss a girl, you probably could have ten minutes ago" it was by Mark Manson if I'm not mistaken. Don't wait for signals and indicators, because you are going to wait for a really long time. As soon as you want to, do it. Mid...
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    Life update

    Lmao! *face palm* I must have skim read it! Collage vs College *double face palm*. Okay then bud, no problems!
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    Nino-Tk's Journal of Women

    Hey fellas, time for a quick update. I don't know if I've mentioned it here but this month was termed "The Honesty month" by my friends. 11 days into it and I must say, its the greatest thing ever. I've not got at least 7 prospects that I'm working on, as you, my dear reader know that I'm...
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    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    Ah bro, all the best with your future endeavours man!
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    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    Glad to see you back homeboy, and are you leaving South Africa bra?
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    Nino-Tk's Journal of Women

    Hey Don Juans, here's a mini field report, haven't hit the field as much as I'd like but here we go: Yellow Bone girl Me: Hey girl, how are you? Her: I’m good and you? Me: I’m great but I want to know you, I’m Thato and you are? (I extend my hand) Her: (refuses to shake my hand), I don’t...
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    Life update

    Why don't you like college? I thought you'd enjoy it bud.
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    Is she interested?

    She seems like the validation seeking kinda woman, don't get sucked into those manipulative games player.