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    It's funny when it's the Hot Babe that's all nervous and flustered!

    MAY feel attracted to her?!?! That is an extreme understatement my friend!!! This chick was HOT and dressed so damn sexy I still can't stand thinking about it. On top of that she was a natural redhead, another super plus for me. And when I said she danced seductively that was another major...
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    It's funny when it's the Hot Babe that's all nervous and flustered!

    Guys, whoa!! Stop thinking like that. That's the biggest damn mistake I made for most of my life!! And so many other guys make that mistake in thinking that and it holds them back! I just wished to god I had woken up earlier than this. What you're thinking is that using the approach I described...
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    It's funny when it's the Hot Babe that's all nervous and flustered!

    Where I work there is this fabulous Hot Babe. I'm talking about a chick so hot she makes the girls of Baywatch look ugly! Anyway today was my first real chance to meet her so here's what I did. We're walking towards each other in the hallway so I stop her. Me: Hi, what's your name? Her...
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    Women that are approachable

    I knew I forgot one. Standing when they could be sitting. There are open tables and plenty of seats at the bar and yet they are standing. They usually do this in pairs.
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    Women that are approachable

    Sounds like she's just shy/insecure. She wants to be approached but because of her insecurity, she can't keep a conversation going. She may even put up blocks without even realizing she's doing it.
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    Women that are approachable

    Anyone know any others? I keep thinking that are more than these that I just can't think of offhand.
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    Women that are approachable

    I've made these observations over the years as to which women are more approachable even eager to be approached. *Note-these may not aways be true but are MOST of the time and will put the odds in your favor* Dresses up to go out- I lot of women don't really dress up all that much or only a...
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    Beware "only child" women

    Beware not only the only child but the youngest. Similarly spoiled.
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    The 3 Second Rule - How do you make yourself stick to it ?

    I don't believe in the 3 second rule. I prefer to watch a girl for a while to see if she's there with another guy. He might not be with her at the time I notice her, he might be off gettting drinks or in the bathroom or something so I never approach right away. It's just not worth going face to...
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    Would you be mad if....

    A real Man stands up for himself and what's right. Any girl that would even consider going to Hawaii with another man that isn't her boyfriend isn't the type that would be faithful to him on that trip. Ignore Chalenge Guy and his "options" There are two things going on here and it's not what...
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    Would you be mad if....

    WHOA!! No Fu*king Way!!! What kind of girl are you dating that would even consider it?? First of all, stand your ground and tell her no way. If she still insists on going then you know these two are already doing it behind your back. If she was really your girlfriend she would have said no to...
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    Great one liners...

    Where in the world can you get a dozen roses for $25-$30??? It's at least $50 or more most places I know of.
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    9 things every guy needs in his apartment.

    11. A decent stereo system. Here's a simple date idea. Ask your date to bring over some of her favorite music and be ready to share some of yours. Dance with her to it in your living room.
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    Music that makes that special night go just right.

    You should definietly consider the song "LADY" by the Little River Band. And the best thing to do is take her hand and make her slow dance with you in the living room to this one. And YES the best music came out of the 70's, and not just romantic songs.
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    Interesting convo with g/f. Read This!

    Astudent, you clearly haven't being listening. Don't ask for advise unless you're going to take it. It's over between the two of you and she wouldn't come back. You keep hearing that word "exceptional" as if it means something. It doesn't. except to mean you're an exceptional nice guy that she...
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    Hand Kissing???

    I think there is something very Important going on in this thread that everyone here should pay attention to. Every guy that's actually tried it is reporting positive results while only the guys that haven't say it would be "lame" Even the only female here says "IF a guy were to do it, I would...
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    Interesting convo with g/f. Read This!

    "I was not denying that women gravitate to jerks. Sure, that happens sometimes" SOMETIMES?!! It happens ALL the time! And quit denying it. You're not doing any guy here any favors. I've lived it my whole life and done more research on it then some people had to do to get their college degree...
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    Interesting convo with g/f. Read This!

    No Don't wait. If you can confront her tommorrow, do it. And say exactly what I said to say, the way I said to say it. Look at it again. You're not going to say that you're broken up and you're not going to ask her if you are. You're going to challenge her to make the final decision. If you do...
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    Interesting convo with g/f. Read This!

    NEANDERTHAL, take it easy on the Guy. He's obviously very young and hasn't learned yet. Hell, it took me forever to learn and I start have to work at it every day. AStudent, I guess we haven't made it clear but from the moment she said you were" too nice" it was over. There's only one thing you...
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    Interesting convo with g/f. Read This!

    First off, DON'T listen to Sara. Women do like jerks and dump on Nice Guys and here's the reason. I've read literally tons of info on the matter and hundreds fo different reasons and then I finally came across this one posted by a girl in a huge thread of other reasons and it made a lot of...