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    "I'm not going to sleep with you"

    It sounds like a cultural thing, I can't ever remember being told this, atleast not this blatantly without some kind of smile/grin or sign that she's kidding around or being coy. I understand her intent, but it's all in the way she presents it. Everything building up to this was an obvious...
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    I'm 28 years old and i'm not horny...

    I had this happen to me when I was training too much. You may be overdoing it, especially if you're going everyday. I scaled back on the workouts and my sex drive went back to normal. Something to think about.
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    why do women have men so much by the balls?

    I believe under certain (unrealistic) conditions almost every guy would pay for it. 1.) Guaranteed STD free. 2.) Affordable. 3.) Complete anonymity, no one else except those participating will know. 4.) Convenient. 5.) Great attitude, indistinguishable from genuine interest...
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    hot Jewish girl

    How did you go from kissing and groping to her falling asleep? Sounds like you didn't take things any further and she gave up.
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    Any one who thinks that only a good looking guy can get a hot girl read this!

    Without knowing the history of these two, I'd say he has other redeeming qualities that make up for his deformity (as others have mentioned). Whatever situation you might be in, "confidence" will lay the ground work for you to make something of yourself. You can begin to build confidence by...
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    Female Friends

    I have female "acquaintances", but not anything like reliable male friends. You can't expect that of them, nor is it satisfying in any way to have extensive conversations with them because they just don't think in the same rational way. I get more irritated then anything else, and not in the...
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    A woman's perspective [Mod: Moved from MM]

    Lets see... 1.) She's not like other girls, a diamond in the rough. 2.) She's sad because low SMV males can't get laid by hot chicks. 3.) In all of her 21 years she has extensive knowledge she can pass down to "mature men". 4.) She knows the biggest issue men here have is finding too...
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    6.5 Testing me

    The higher they rate the percieved value of a particular guy the more he can get away with. Men will always be expected to take the initiative like setting up dates so on and so forth, but if a woman meets a guy she really likes he can break every one these rules with impunity. It may even...
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    Female Friends

    This would be the equivelant of finding a needle in a hay stack. The day I stopped listening to what women say was the day I began to truly understand them.
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    Quote from Kartrashian

    I mean, how do you measure the influence these programs have on women's behavior? Do you think women would treat men any differently without Reality TV in current times? I'm not saying it has zero influence, but it's a form of exploitation of what women are naturally drawn to when there's no...
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    I just had (yet another) epiphany

    I have to agree with this, in fact I can't even think of an exception, atleast while we're talking about "attractive" women. You'll find hot chicks wherever the money is, or where they believe they can meet a guy with it.
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    6.5 Testing me

    The interesting part about "The Rules" is generally women will never actively use it. They don't need it, as it contradicts what they're instinctually attracted to. They'll get what they want so long as they keep up their looks, for the most part. The day women think and behave like men is...
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    Quote from Kartrashian

    Where do you draw the line though? How much exposure to this "media" does it take? Under what circumstances would a particular woman be open to this influence and/or how would that translate into their lives? In an earlier post I mentioned how women love reality tv, whether it's the hood rat...
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    Unplugging from The Matrix - Confusion, Fear and Anxiety

    Without getting into a discussion about the whole alpha-beta dichotomy, there are certain behaviors that are attractive to women and some that aren't. I think the whole cluster-b personality disorder is thrown out way too much around here, it's a cop-out. Findog, I'm not saying you're...
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    Unplugging from The Matrix - Confusion, Fear and Anxiety

    I know it's hard, but you have to try and step outside of yourself and really think about what's been pointed out to you (by Zunder in particular). You're in "defense" mode, it's a bit of a shock to the system to think that you could've done so much wrong, but it doesn't change the fact that...
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    Roissy vs Heartiste

    I see this also as a testament to how important and relevant the message is. If it weren't, no one would care.
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    Don't underestimate ANY woman

    Young, attractive women are hot commodities. If you want to hold on to one you've got to be on top of your game. I think she threw a sh-t test at you and had you stuck to your guns (not wanting anything serious) things may be different now. She tried to force your hand by making you jealous...
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    Rationalmale - For Rollo

    I definitely went through a period of depression, especially after how well I could predict and influence women's behavior (to an extent, I'm no master don Juan). Then soon after my attitude did a 180. I started loving it. I can really appreciate the company of a nice woman for what it is, my...
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    Rationalmale - For Rollo

    Yeah, Rollo was definitely an inspiration, I like his realistic view on things, not to mention his ability to articulate his opinions. People see my opinions as bitter and/or morally wrong, but it's to be expected. Women are tricky to deal with, and you have to respect their ability to...
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    failure to launch

    I can agree with a lot of this. I have a sister and know a friend's wife who have earned masters degrees. Honestly, these women don't have any ability to analyze a topic or critically think about anything beyond the average person, male or female. Obtaining a degree, in and of itself...