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    you sure your daughter is not an alpha widow already ;)
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    Sick of all these chicks pushing for dinner

    Do lunch at panera or chipotle haha.
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    why don't women appreciate men?

    might you be slipping... ;)
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    need new threads. few people know

    welcome back burroughs
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    In retrospect, it was a good decision to invest in Columbus, although again, direct returns to Isabella were likely negligible. Similarly, direct returns to the US may be low especially in the short-run; people may look back 500+ years from now and take it for granted that NASA was a great...
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    why did columbus set out across the atlantic? he could have learned game, taken the red pill, and banged chicks in portugal.
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    Beware anyone posting on this forum

    I guess most people here assumed that this anything else forum was less moderated or unmoderated. Should there be an unmoderated forum?
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    Just had a successful first date and ran into a problem

    Get your finances in order before looking for women. They have a tendency to wreck your cashflow.
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    Anyone Else Ever Had a Woman Cry After Sex?

    yeah when I f'ed the first time I visited her family in another country
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    If girls says bang her hard

    she is signaling she's a big slut, so subconsciously your brain says "pull out bro", thus softness
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    Pounded then grounded

    U will regret it if u don't tap it. Make happy memories.
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    Thinking about leaving my wife

    On the bright side, now you know how much your wife is worth.
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    Thinking about leaving my wife

    Bro, right now you are just trying to do a cost/benefit analysis of what happens post-divorce. I don't know man, not saying it's wrong to do, but doesn't sound manly. Something about your tone such as stigma of divorce doesn't rub quite right. Man up dude. If you want to be divorced, then...
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    2016 Election - Your Picks? (Mine Is Rand Paul)

    I believe the elites pick intentionally flawed candidates so that we bicker over them
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    Thinking about leaving my wife

    The woman at work who you seemingly have so much in common with is going to morph the moment you actually LIVE with her. It's a fact of life that people who you don't live together with seem more exciting and often interesting. Women and Men generally have very little in common in their desires...
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    You have to get over the playing field

    I'd rather be fuc king then be spreading.
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    Planning vacation to Europe, where to go?

    Your best bet is hosteling and picking up the girls who are also traveling.
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    Message old oneitis after natural disaster?

    Better to do it and get no response, then to not message and regret forever.
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    Thinking about leaving my wife

    Your biggest problem is you married without sampling other girls. If your wife was a virgin before you met her, keep her since you most likely won't get another woman who is as bonded to you as this one and ignore the following... else, If she has been around with a few (>1) men before...
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    Was I a victim to a BPD? Hardest break up yet

    Don't analyze crazy. Identify it and delete them.