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    HOW do you keep friends????

    I seem to have an issue staying in contact with friends, we always seem to drift apart and eventually just forget. I have problems making close friends in particular, although I have lots and lots of acquaintances in my daily routine. I'm currently 21 and in college and I find myself in an...
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    Question for the older crowd (30+ years)

    What is it exactly about older men that women find so attractive? My first guess is money; an 35 y/o man is (likely) to be further ahead in his business / career than his 23 y/o counterpart, and thus have more money. My second guess is a women wants to cash in on the guys life insurance...
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    HOW does one turn $5000 into $8000? Ideas Plz

    Here's the situation, a few weeks back, a MASSIVE hail storm moved thru town, my car got some minor dents all over it (mainly roof and hood). I take my car into the inspection center, were they estimated damage at $5,800+ (only minor dents but I aint complaining :D ). i waited a few minutes...
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    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    I've had my fair share in high school and even in University, I was just clueless for the longest time :( Anyways, here's my list (chronologically ordered earliest-latest): - Freshman year high school, in class this hot latina girl was always smiling at me in class, flirting, dropping the...
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    IS it possible for everyone to be rich?

    Yea I know, that was just an example to illustrate how the "rich" live off the labor of the "poor".
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    IS it possible for everyone to be rich?

    It's true that wealth is also defined by how much free time you have, but even then ... someone out of the picture is working to allow you to have that free time / vacation / etc. Whether its directly or indirectly. For example suppose you are a wealthy person that owns a large apartment...
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    IS it possible for everyone to be rich?

    Was bored w/ nothing to do and started thinking about this, but theoretically isn't it impossible for everyone to be rich? If you think about it, the saying "SOMEONE'S gotta do it." holds true in a lot of ways: someone has to pick up your trash someone has to watch your kids someone...
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    WHY does the media openly promote AFC'ism?

    niiiiiice, goes to show you some people are clueless
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    WHY does the media openly promote AFC'ism?

    He did not, it was the most sorry excuse for an approach I've seen in my life ... rapper + home-baked cookies + flowers = wtf??? EPIC fail :flowers:
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    WHY does the media openly promote AFC'ism?

    Was flipping through the channels the other day and came upon "Made" on MTV, this kid was trying to become a rapper apparently. Halfway through the show he is trying to ask this girl out, and when he finally gets the balls to walk up to her, he has ..... SURPRISE SURPRISE some "home-baked"...
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    Anyone ever had their car scratched up??

    The thing is, you graffitti up someone's fence for example, ok as the victim I would be pissed but then again I go to Home Depot, buy a can of paint, paint over it, no harm done. Total cost out of my pocket: Maybe $20 for paint + $5 for a brush? Now, someone decides to smash one of my...
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    Anyone ever had their car scratched up??

    That's the funny thing too, my car has a $600 alarm and I guess it isn't working right or something because somehow whoever scratched it up and it didn't make a beep, and yet sometimes if it's windy outside the alarm won't stop beeping on my key-chain. Useless piece of sh!t alarm :cuss: I...
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    Anyone ever had their car scratched up??

    Man I'm pissed, found another scratch on my car today, about 2" long and visible. I wonder why people do this sh!t, I don't have any enemies as far as I know. I mean ... seriously, this kind of thing is just uncalled for and such pointless BS. Why do people pull this crap? I'm guessing it...
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    Girl invited herself to my place, what should I do?

    Not really, she didn't mention anything in terms of computer skills during the convo, just mainly talking about her iPod. As far as age, I'm 21 and she's 19. And yea, she's pretty hot imo. No, she didn't give her number, but I'm pretty sure I would've gotten it anyways if I had asked.
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    Girl invited herself to my place, what should I do?

    Basically I ran into this girl that's been eyeing me a lot lately, she walked up, called me by name, and asked me about her iPod: "blah blah blah" *small talk ensues* She gave me her name, long story short she asked if she could come by my place this weekend and use my computer for her...
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    When will the dollar collapse?

    I think it's only a matter of time: - Trillions of dollars of monopoly money being printed for bailouts (more paper in the system = more inflation) - Not backed by gold anymore (severed in 1971) - Has lost over 90% value/purchasing power since 1913
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    First time clubbing this weekend, need advice

    Gonna go hit up some club this weekend w/ my boi, some info about me: fairly tall 6'4"-6'5" currently a student living at home part time job fairly new car (2007) Being as how I've never been to a club b4, what should I expect? What should I wear? How long do you usually hang around...
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    Keep your job -- if you move to India

    Although it does reduce costs for consumer and business owners, I can't help but feel for the people who are living like slaves on the other side of the world in places like India. I guess there is no win-win scenario.
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    What happens if Texas secedes

    What would happen if they actually did leave the union in the near future? I'm guessing they would merge w/ Mexico? Or become an independent country?
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    this guy speaks the truth funny way you wrote it too lol <3 the caps and anger =P