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    Strangest LTR Ever... what to do?

    why was your house the only place for her to go? we're just wondering what your relationship with her was beforehand. either way one of you should move out. preferably her
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    Strangest LTR Ever... what to do?

    one of you needs to move out I'm confused - how did she come to move in with you when you guys weren't even dating?
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    this link isn't working for me, I get a 404 error. anybody else having this problem?
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    "Seeing someone" vs "Dating Someone" is there a difference?

    In my opinion no, there is no difference. I imagine that a lot of girls would see there to be a big difference though, and would equate "dating someone" with being exclusive. I had a female friend of mine tell me recently that it was impossible to date somebody without being exclusive with...
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    Student gets tazed for not having id...

    at this particular library, use of the facilities after 11 PM is limited to only students and staff. the staff at the library asked the suspect to show his ID, he didn't, and also didn't leave quickly enough to satisfy them. At this point somebody called the cops who arrived, asked him for his...
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    Threesome idea: shot myself in the foot.

    you're in high school and can't get a threesome, so therefore nobody can? pat, you need to downplay it. it's not a big deal and you need to make sure she doesn't feel weird about it. the best way to do that is to act as normal as possible about the whole situation and just go with it. I...
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    oneitis contacted me after a month of absolutely no contact

    there's a reason you two didn't work out. this girl strikes me as flaky, and I think she only said that it was a "mistake to let you go" and that she missed you because she needs some validation that she has control over you. move on come on, she only wanted you because somebody else had you...
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    oneitis contacted me after a month of absolutely no contact

    why don't you just move on? if you can't be friends with her without having feelings for her and losing sleep over it, then don't. it's as simple as that. be cordial, be friendly, but be distant. do whatever you want. you don't have any obligation to her.
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    There's another guy... any help would be appreciated

    this girl is not that special. if anything she's a tease. at the very least she's a sunshine girl and you should proceed with caution. that said, don't mention him, don't bring him up, and above all don't be bothered by him. ask her out and gauge her interest, it's been long enough.
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    Stole best friend's gf on accident. Interesting story.

    what's amazing to me is that you can justify your actions to yourself.
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    South Park World Of Warcraft Episode

    your link is down now, but this one works: http://youtube.com/watch?v=F-TqCR6Rwhk
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    unwilling tattoo?

    who does? please don't imply that we support sex offenders in some way. the problem with castration and lobotomizing is that, like the death penalty, it is undoable. permanent. like docoxygen said, you can't put a part of somebody's brain back in, and you can't re-attach their testicles if...
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    unwilling tattoo?

    http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/columnists/wickham/2001-09-04-wickham.htm The title of that article is "Castration often fails to halt offenders." It even states that some sex offenders volunteer for castration. Sure, most of them are doing it to lessen their prison sentences, but I know...
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    unwilling tattoo?

    slippery slope...
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    Was Jim McGreevey Born Gay?

    what about men who leave their wives for another woman? why would they give up their families, a good reputation and a multi-year long relationship for just another girl? if he liked the other guy better, then he liked him better. He's clearly attracted to both men and women - hence...
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    Was Jim McGreevey Born Gay?

    that guy is a huge *******. I think it sucks that he's going to make a boatload of money on this book of his. and I would also guess that he's bisexual.
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    The girl is going to see her BOYFRIEND?!

    I think he and this girl both do. they've been sharing a bed for an entire month, they might as well be in a complete relationship and she's making plans to go F her ex boyfriend while he's making plans to go F random other girls. then stop sharing a bed with her. unless the cuddling is...
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    A study shows a frighteninlgy high risk of STDs in today's world

    I don't understand how this study can be true and realistic when it assumes so many variables. Such as the 100% chance that you won't wear a condom, and the 100% chance that you'll contract an STD if you aren't wearing a condom. Because both of those numbers are off, the entire study is...
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    this girl leads me on

    you have seen her naked and you haven't hooked up with her? think about that and think about what you need to do
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    How do I handle this situation?

    cool. let's be abusive to our girls. redbull, let us know what happens with this girl.