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    Signs of High Interest

    ]this thread touches upon some excellent points. But why is that the case alot of time wit chics. When u first mneet them, u don't like them so you are indifferent. or u have sum attractin but everything u say n do comes out so naturally. But it seems when u come to really like them, it gets...
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    Mark ass *****es

    funny, i forgot all the haters come here to cry about somebodys problem, that has nothing to do with them. "ohoh, puulezze mods, i'll sux yo dic and give u sum cheezebuggers, ban dis person, can we ban em. "ig ot dat rock, nahmean."
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    Ban MoMurda

    just lemme express my anger in non violent ways..k.don't lemme come out the leather....
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    Abercrombie girls

    Nah, cuz dem niggaz is to narrow minded to make their own style. Booyah muth af u cka. Fuc AF and AE. So they wanna look good and confident like a million lil ****s running around the mall/ highschool whatever thinkin their hot sh i t.
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    Abercrombie girls

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    girl friend, not gf, started calling me a jerk

    Tell her how it is. LJBF her or something, but if u want one, better to mke her friend feel welcome around u to, but don't recat to her comeons, or otherwise flirtty behaviour. The brod i metioned in my post has a friend who does almost all dat **** u said bout your current situ. And it pays to...
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    NEED date idea quickk please... planning to set up a date tomorrow afternoon

    wait till night and go naked rollerblading, alot of chic LOVE to be naked!
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    Abercrombie girls

    I went to highschool wit dem shallow ass hoes, if u don't dress(fuc all that A&f and A&E sheit) like them, hell if u ain't the same race as them don't even bother. Their so self-centered and FUCING DITZY the lot of them, yeah few are exceptional, but they are rare.
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    the man has to act

    rotlflmao! Sum chics got that look like , FUC ME NOW, dammit, when are u gonna do it!
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    "Classic" Female Mind Games

    ROTHF LMAO!!! Dum Ho!
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    Wondering about this

    ya, fuc dat dum cumbag. Her loss.
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    can you be too sarcastic?

    Re: Re: Can you be too sarcastic? :D
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    Got an idea to weed out the stupid newbie questions

    How about stop *****ing n whining and DEAL wit it ,ho.
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    What car do you drive?

    When u want POWER, real power not pg rated fart bomb weedwhacker exhaust note puss y ****, it costs gas mileage/consumption, and most HIGH performance cars break down more often than ecobox lil puss boy rides that aren't even designed to go 110. HA! fuc me. Because people are always treating...
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    What car do you drive?

    one word, eh, *cough* cough*BULL****!
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    What car do you drive?

    What do u drive besides MOMMY AND DADDYS whips? HUH hUH HUH WHAT DO U OWN should be the question.
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    Knock It Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right on bro, feel ya disdain for alot of sh*t n this site. I find it funny, but i'm mad fuced up in the head so it helps from time to time to ask for help or just use it as a place to vent. Cuz if i don't, from time to time when it builds up...........sh*t that Ruger P90 looks mighty dandy in...
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    Knock It Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here we go again with the adage that your worth in life is determined by how many timez u put your coc in a sweaty hole. Nigga Puleezee.