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    Is getting nexted by a woman always anti-DJ?

    Just be happy she didn't string you along and screw with your mind. It was clean cut and simple. You got some experience, polished your game and from the sounds of it even squeezed a little a$$. Sex isn't always the end goal. Sometimes you just gotta polish your game up and move on. Just...
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    MY guide to inner/outer complete transformation

    All depends on the market you're in, right? If you target NYC or DC then good luck with the jeans from Target. High-end clothes go a lot further. If you're outside a major city then you're lucky to even find a Nordstrom and you can get away with spending much less on appearance. That...
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    Breakup advice needed please...old DJ here

    It's tough, but move on. If she's a dentist, then she's obviously somewhat responsible, so moving in with a guy in a different geography after only four months was probably a stretch from the time the discussion came up. Again, it's tough, it sucks, but it sounds like you've got game. Take...
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    Shaking a womans hand; how to do it?

    I agree with Five to One. A casual shake should be that way. Not sure I would kiss her hand though. ;) In a business environment, go with the standard shake. She wants to know you respect her (even if you don't) as a professional.
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    Is going to the movies THAT bad a date?

    I'll be a contrarian here and say that a movie on the first date can be good. Go grab some food before the movie and start talking. During the movie you can assess your performance, think of additional questions/approaches and adjust fire as needed. After the movie, you'll be ready to go for...
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    She's unbelievably shy

    How old is she? If she's young (you call her a 'girl') and inexperienced, then you'll have to take your time. It's great to be a Don Juan and play the ladies, but don't rush a young, inexperienced 'girl' into something she's not comfortable with. Offense is usually the key, but in this case...
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    The economy and provisioning

    As long as the keys to the safe are hidden, let the money grubbers look for 'em. Just make sure you're gettin' yours, and when she realizes there's no "coin" in it for her, she'll move on to the next sucker and there will be no hard feelings. Understanding intent from the beginning allows...
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    Got my first "I don't know" shutdown.

    I applaud your courage, you may as well have walked up to a girl in a library studying for final exams, interrupted her concentration, and asked the same question. Next time, target the ladies that are in between cycles of their workout and/or walking around taking a break.